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Swarmly Suggests Places To Visit Based On User Feedback & Activity [iPhone]

The amount of location-based apps for iOS has gotten to a point that we no longer require more apps that just discover places near you using Google Maps or some similar service. On the surface, Swarmly might appear to be just such an app, but there is a lot more to it than mere place discovery. The app does suggest interesting places near your current location, but it does so in a somewhat different manner as compared to all its competitors. The places listed in Swarmly are all scouted by other users of the app, and you get to see the opinion of previous visitors regarding those places. The app also has the option to track your movements automatically, so that when a lot of Swarmly users are visiting a particular place, the app can list that place as a trending one.

Swarmly iOS Home Swarmly iOS Trending Swarmly iOS Local

As you might already have guessed by the app’s description, Swarmly will constantly track your location, and if you are fine with that, then everything else about the app is sure to please you. If you just want to view other people’s opinions regarding certain places, use the Anonymous login option, while to give your own feedback you will have to use Facebook Login. In either case, you will be taken to the Buzz section of Swarmly to get started. Buzz lets you give your own feedback for the benefit of the Swarmly community. You just have to write down your thoughts, add some appropriate tags and then hit the Share Buzz button. To view buzzes created by other Swarmly users, you can go to the Local Buzz section of the app and view tags and shared ideas from people near you. The app comes with some pretty good predefined categories, and you just have to tap one to view all the places listed under it. For a more global collection of tags, there is the Trends section.

Swarmly iOS Map Swarmly iOS Place

The most convenient way to discover buzzing places is via the Map section of Swarmly. The app has got all the hot places tagged in there, and you can learn all about them with a single tap. The details listed by Swarmly include the number of Swarmly users who have visited the location in the past, their reviews and the current deals or offers available at the place. While it is possible to manually check-in to a place, you can also turn on automatic tracking so that Swarmly can plot your visits without any need for your interference.

Swarmly is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. The app is available as a free download, and if you are looking to discover good places to visit and eat without any effort, Swarmly is the app you need.

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