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Sync Windows 10 Reminders To Your iPhone & Android Phone With Cortana

If you’re a Windows user and have either upgraded to Windows 10 or at the very least heard of the new features in it, you know that Cortana is part of the product offering. Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant and as of Windows 10, it is integrated into the Windows search feature. The general consensus about Cortana in Windows 10 is that it is far from perfect, quite far. Up until yesterday, Cortana was useful for anyone with a Windows Phone but Microsoft has released Cortana as a stand alone app for both iOS and Android. The apps are far from impressive. ‘Work in progress’ is perhaps a better way to describe the apps. It’s actually still in testing for Android. There is only one reason for anyone to use it; Reminders. If you use Windows 10 and have created Reminders in Cortana, you can sync them to your iPhone and Android device by installing the Cortana app.

Once you’ve installed Cortana, you will need to sign in with the same Microsoft account you use on Windows 10. After you’ve signed in, give the app a few minutes and tap the hamburger icon at the top left. The app is a work-in-progress so be patient if the drawer doesn’t open immediately. Tap ‘Reminders’ and all the reminders you created on Windows 10 will have synced to your phone.

cortana-ios-sign-in cortana-ios-reminders

If you never created any reminders in Windows 10, tap on the mic icon (give it some time) and then speak the reminder you want to create. The reminder will sync to your Windows 10 desktop. You can see it in the Reminders tab in Cortana. Needless to say, you will need to have Cortana enabled on Windows 10 and an active internet connection.

cortana-ios-new-reminder cortana-new-reminder-ios

The absolute best part is the alerts you will get in Windows 10 when a reminder is due.

Install Cortana From The App Store

Install Cortana From The Google Play Store

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