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TagMyRide Is An iPhone App & Social Network For Car Enthusiasts

iOS has a lot of apps that can help you with automobile maintenance. In the past, we have covered FixYa and RepairPal, both of which help users whenever their cars start giving them trouble. There are times, however, when you might just feel like boasting about your sweet ride, or maybe want to see what your colleague is driving these days. All such information can be usually gleaned from social networks, but that may take a lot of effort. TagMyRide solves this problem by providing users with a dedicated place where nothing is discussed except cars and automobile parts. The app is a complete social network, where users can follow others, and build their own virtual garage by providing details about the vehicles they own. TagMyRide is also a good place to discover cars and spare parts, so that you can get in touch with your fellow enthusiasts for bargaining.

TagMyRide iOS Menu TagMyRide iOS Feed TagMyRide iOS Post

TagMyRide is a social network, so you need to create an account to use it. The three registration options include email, Twitter and Facebook. If you use one of the social networks to configure your TagMyRide account, your profile is set up automatically and no extra effort is required. Once logged in, the app displays its main ‘Feed’ section. By default, all the most popular posts on TagMyRide show up in the feed, but the section is customizable. To personalize the whole experience, head to the menu and search for users you want to follow.

The posts in TagMyRide are photo-based, and you can add one of your own easily by hitting the big ‘+’ button from the bottom bar. Images can be shared straight from the camera, or by heading to the camera roll. If you want, it is possible to turn on automatic sharing of posts to Facebook, but only use this feature if you are not too bothered about flooding your timeline with photos of your car. Posts from others can be liked, and you can also leave a comment on them. If there is something in the feeds you want, you can hit the big green button to add it to your wishlist. Photos associated with any post can be shared over social networks or saved to the camera roll.

TagMyRide iOS Ride TagMyRide iOS Search TagMyRide iOS Settings

To maintain your own profile, just provide details about your own vehicles by heading to the ‘My Garage’ section. Not only can you share your ride’s photo with the world, but every small detail about the car has a special place in the garage as well. There are separate fields for the automobile’s make, year, model, weight, speed, color, and any extra equipment in case of customized vehicles.

TagMyRide is a free app, and comes optimized for iPhone/iPod touch. You can grab it from the following link.

Install TagMyRide from App Store

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