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Taio Cruz’s KeWe For iPhone Combines Social Networking & Private Chat

The excess of social networks that are around on the internet has forced users to start looking for ones that already have a large user base or offer some truly unique features. Having said that, there is still room in the market for apps and services that offer something new in this genre, or at least that’s what the team behind KeWe must be hoping. The newly released app is a brainchild of popular singer Taio Cruz (the one who wants to party like a dynamite), and is basically a social network. That’s not all though, as KeWe comes with some really nice photo filters, and can be used as a chat messenger as well. KeWe is a bit like Minus and a little like InstaTalks. Apart from photo editing and chat, the app also lets users find other people near them so that they can view their activities and get in touch.

KeWe iOS Menu KeWe iOS Feed KeWe iOS Map

KeWe was released in the App Store a week ago, starting to accept new registrations ever since, but the accounts became active just a few hours ago. If you haven’t signed up already, create a profile by entering your email address, adding a display picture and writing a short bio. As can be expected in most social networks these days, KeWe lets you follow other users, and populates the ‘Home’ section with posts from these followed profiles. To help you get started, KeWe has a ‘Find Friends’ option. You can also search for other users and follow them as long as they have kept their profile public.

From the ‘Chat’ section of KeWe, users get to initiate the messenger that comes with the app. The messenger is pretty simple, but does have a ‘seen’ stamp, much like Facebook. Apart from friends, you can also connect with people around you if they allow it. The ‘Around Me’ section comes with a gender-based filter, which can be used to view only male or only female profiles.

KeWe iOS Add KeWe iOS Photo Editor KeWe iOS Text

Unlike Instagram, KeWe isn’t just limited to posting photos; you can make both text and image-based posts on the network. For all image posts, KeWe offers a nice set of effects. Even in the app’s camera, the filters can be applied and previewed in real-time. Other editing options include brightness adjustments and tilt-shift effect.

KeWe is a free app that comes optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

Install KeWe from App Store

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