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Take Photos And Backup Them To Three Different Services Automatically

IFTTT is an exceptionally ingenious service that lets you connect web services with each other. It’s a simple concept that lets you create recipes for connecting services using their open APIs without you needing to know how to work with an API. The service has mobile apps for both iOS and Android but it’s just launched a new app that targets something we use our phones for quite often; photography. The new app is called Do Camera and for each photo you take, you can have the app back-up the photos or upload them to any three services of your choice. The question here might be which services does it support and the short answer is; lots. Just about any service that has an open API can be used to create custom recipes.

 Launch the app. If you already have an IFTTT account, you can use it to sign in. If not, the account is free to make. Do Camera is a camera app, nothing else but for each photo you take, it can be sent to any three services. These could be Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Twitter, or email. By default you get an Email recipe set up which will email you the photo you take. You can delete it and add recipes for other services.

Do Camera email Do Camera recipes

Tap the edit button next to the recipe to edit and delete it. To add a new recipe, tap the cauldron button at the bottom right and then one of the large plus buttons.

Do Camera_edit Do Camera_recipe

You will have to enable the respective channels for the services you want to upload or back-up to and it you sign in to the respective service account and allow the app to connect with it. Once you’re past that, taking one photo will automatically send it to three services. You won’t need apps for Dropbox, Google Drive, etc installed on your device which means storage space is saved if your device doesn’t have much to spare.

One more reason to use Do Camera is that only photos you want to back-up are backed-up. Unlike Dropbox-s Carousel app that will upload every single photo you take, this app can be used only when you want to back-up a photo. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

Install Do Camera From The App Store

Install Do Camera From The Google Play Store 

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