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Create Notes, Reminders & Calendar Events From iOS NC & Lock Screen With Tap To Widgets

Notification Center widgets have been around on iDevices since iOS 5, and the next likely step would perhaps be the arrival of lock screen and SpringBoard widgets in iOS 7. Though as with many other features officially incorporated in iOS updates, Cydia users have had these for a long time now. Tweaks like AnyLock and Dashboard X let users place useful and cosmetic widgets in areas of iOS that are even more easily accessible than the NC. The tweaks themselves are great, but the problem has always been the availability of good widgets on these platforms. The ‘Tap to’ series of widgets has been around for some time now, letting users perform different functions within the Notification Center, and their developer has now decided to polish things a little more by combining five widgets into one package. Tap to Widgets lets you manages all of the offered widgets from one place, and lets you use them with Dashboard X as well.

Tap to Note iOS Tap to Schedule iOS Tap to Remind iOS

Tap to Widgets offers the following five widgets.

  • Facebook: Same as the widget that appears in iOS 6’s stock Share NC widget.
  • Twitter: Same as the twitter widget from iOS 6’s stock Share NC widget.
  • Calendar: Lets you create events. You can enter a title, venue, start/end times and even configure an alert for it. The entries go straight to the stock Calendar app.
  • Notes: Want to create a note without launching the Notes app? Just tap the widget and begin typing. Once you are done, the note will be waiting for you in the app.
  • Reminders: Set date, time and alarm repetition options from within NC or a Dashboard X widget.

Tap to Widgets iOS Settings Tap to Widgets iOS Arrangements Tap to Widgets iOS NC

There are two ways the widgets offered in the package can be arranged within the Notification Center. You can choose to assign each widget a bar of its own, or use the more compact way of putting them all side-by-side in one bar. To enable the side-by-side row, head to the Notifications section of the Settings app and enable ‘Tap to Widgets’. If you are looking to use widgets individually, disable the side-by-side option and turn on every widget separately.

From the tweak’s dedicated menu, it is possible to change the position of the available widgets in the side-by-side mode. You can also place a separator between their icons to make things more aesthetically pleasing. If you want the widgets to be super-efficient, enable ‘Auto Close’ to make sure that the NC doesn’t stay open after you use a widget.

Existing Tap to Remind and Tap to Note owners can get Tap to Widgets for free, but new users will have to shell out $1.99 for the tweak. According to the developer, this price is for a limited time only, and you will have to pay more to get Tap to Widgets in the future. So, if your device is on iOS 6, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and grab the tweak at this bargain price right away.

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