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Test Your Flight Safety Knowledge & Learn To Survive An Air Disaster

Flight safety training is crucial for everyone on a plane but many of us barely listen to the safety instructions given at the start of each flight. Passively listening to the instructions means we retain very little of them and if disaster were to strike, chaos would more likely break out than order given how many people are usually on a plane. Prepare for Impact is an excellent iOS and Android app that quizzes you on the very basics of air safety and lets you go through air disaster simulations to test if you know what to do in them. It tests literally everything that you are told by air crew before you take off. The quiz is optional and you can opt to play the many disaster simulations instead. In the simulations, you must respond to the emergency at hand and evacuate the plane without dying.

Install Prepare for Impact and choose whether or not you want to take the quiz. We’d personally recommend taking it to assess how well you know the safety drills and should you score low, you can fill the gaps.

Prepare for Impact-test-play

The test is a series of twelve questions that all aim to assess whether or not you know what the correct course of action is in a given situation. Take the question in the image below as an example. It tests whether or not you know which exit to use and also highlights the importance of knowing which is your nearest exit.

Prepare for Impact-quiz

Once you’ve finished the quiz and gotten your score, you can start playing the many air disaster simulations. The first one simulates a Runway Overrun which is basically the plane slipping and sliding off the runway on to the apron or even further when landing or taking off. It’s something that can happen in bad weather. You start off with a basic simulation that will teach you how to navigate the app before moving on to actual disaster simulations.

Prepare for Impact-nav

You will be given an objective with each simulation. The one below again indicates how important it is to know which is your nearest exit and what to do if that exit becomes unavailable. During the simulation, an exit catches fire and tests your knowledge of where the exits are as well as how to navigate your way in a plane that has filled with smoke.

Prepare for Impact-incident

The app has you do everything from standing up, sitting down, bending and crawling, fastening and unfastening your seat belts ensuring you consciously go through everything you will need to do in the event of a disaster. If you’re flying for the first time or trying to train children on air craft safety, Prepare for Impact is a good way to do it.

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