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Text, Frames, & Collages; 3 Things Instagram Doesn’t Do & Apps To Do Them [iOS]

With the last Instagram update, the app has definitely upped its feature offering. It had crop and straighten image added in an older update and it seems like it has the bases covered. You shouldn’t really need other apps to make an Instagram-worthy photo, right? Sadly, no. Even though Instagram has great photo editing features, Instagram users still need apps for adding frames because not all Instagram filters have a frame and those that do, lack the option to change the frame color. Then there is text; Instagram doesn’t let you add text to your photos. Lastly, a lot of people use the app to showcase products they sell and they combine multiple photos into really impressive collages which Instagram doesn’t support. Those are three very good reasons that send Instagramers to third-party apps.


Add A Single Color Frame

Frame Swagg

As abhorrent as the word swag is to read, this app is absolutely amazing and it’s an impressive two-trick pony. Not only does it let you add a frame to your photos but it also lets you arrange them in a collage. The frames can be simple single color frames or you can add a different colored stroke to it. The thickness of the frames can also be adjusted and the frame can have rounded or square edges. It comes with a lot of free colors to choose from and additional color sets that you can buy.

frame swagg frame swagg colors

Install Frame Swagg from the App Store

Create A Collage

Frame Swagg

Collage making apps are abundant in the App Store but they are mostly limited to some very common layouts. Frame Swagg offers a lot of great layouts for free. It does have collage layouts that you have to buy before you can use them but the free selection is large and diverse enough to meet most needs.

Frame Swagg frames Frame Swagg frames2

Install Frame Swagg from the App Store

LINE Camera

LINE has unconventional layouts that you can use for free. It doesn’t offer the same frame editing options that Frame Swagg does but the layouts are the reason you’re going to want to use it. It offers many layouts for free with several others available if you’re willing to pay the price.


Install LINE Camera from the App Store

Add Text


The app name alone is accurate in defining the act of adding text to photos. This app is amazing for the free, yet limited, fonts it offers and the amazing interface it has. Additional fonts can be unlocked for a price. You can mange the size and color of the font and drag to reposition it any where you like.

Photolettering text Photolettering

Install Photolettering from the App Store


Phonto, (font-o, get it?) offers more fonts than Photolettering and it also offers more font customization options; you can select a color, size, and font. You can add symbols and enter the current date from its presets,  choose how the text is aligned, add strokes to the text, and even create color patterns. It’s time consuming to use because you’re spoiled for choice and have a lot of freedom to play with text.

phonto text color phonto


Install Phonto from the App Store


Over is a paid app, the only one in this list but we think it’s worth mentioning for the really nice fonts it has. The app isn’t expensive at $1.99 and the fonts are amazing. You can mange the size and color of the font and buy additional ones from its gallery. The fonts are what set this app apart because the selection available is amazing and users who are aesthetically challenged (or just in a hurry) can create a good image in a few short minutes.

over text over


Install Over from the App Store

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