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The Transit App For iPhone Goes Free & Gets Real-Time Tracking

There can be little doubting the fact that the Google Maps app is the most comprehensive navigation solution available in the App Store, but Nokia’s HERE service is pretty great for those who use public transit regularly. Having said that, neither of these apps focus exclusively on public transit and route planning for people planning to take the subway or bus. The Transit App, on the other hand, does exactly that. It has been around for iPhone owners for quite some time, and offers offline maps for close to 40 cities in the U.S. The app generates multiple routes for most locations you key into it, and also gives quite detailed directions for the entire commute. Thanks to the latest update of the app, now you can also see any vehicle’s location in real-time, which means you get an accurate idea of its ETA no matter where you are.

The Transit App iOS Map The Transit App iOS Plan The Transit App iOS Route

The real-time vehicle location might not be available for all areas or services, but a lot of cities now have this feature available in the recent update. The location is shown whenever you choose a route for transit that involves any mode of travel other than walking.

When it comes to route planning, The Transit App has improved significantly. For one thing, your preferences of different modes of transportation and places are taken into account while suggesting a route. It is also possible to disable a particular mode of transportation (like walking, or the subway) before asking the app to map out a route for you. Another great change in the update is that users can offset their current location even when they are midway through traversing a route.

The Nearby tab in The Transit App hasn’t been ignored in the update either. The more apparent change is the new details box that shows up when you long-press a card in the Nearby section. The cards are also sorted in a more efficient manner, as they take your preferences and chosen mode of transit into account.

Anyone who has previously come across The Transit App while casually browsing the App Store might be wondering about its price change, since the app has always been free to download. Actually the developer has decided to get rid of the paid subscriptions that were formerly needed to use the app, and you can now keep on using The Transit App indefinitely without having to pay a dime. Give this iPhone/iPod touch-optimized app a shot by clicking the link given below.

Download The Transit App For iOS

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