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This Cydia Tweak Brings Blackberry 10 Notification System To iPhone

The notification system in iOS is really far from stellar, even after so many improvements over the course of iOS’ evolution and especially with iOS 7. Notifications have always been one of the fortes of Android, and a lot of iOS (and even OS X) notifications seem to have been inspired from the Mountain View company’s smartphone and tablet operating system. That said, jailbreak is one of those areas that seeks continuous improvement in almost all aspects of a supported iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and a testament to this is the fact that Apple itself has incorporated features, if not directly from, then inspired by various popular jailbreak tweaks. The entire concept of the Notification Center is built around that, and the tweak that we’re talking about today, called Priority Hub, which takes inspiration from Blackberry 10 OS and brings a similar look and feel to iOS 7 Notification Center.

Priority Hub (2)

The tweak, which has been released for free over at the BigBoss repo in the Cydia App Store, basically combines notifications on the iPhone lockscreen under the icons of their respective apps. As notifications continue to pile up, different app icons continue to get added along with the number of messages associated with each. Tapping an app icon on the lock screen will pull forth the notifications generated from it, which can then be cleared by pulling down on the list of messages. Overall, the concept has a very neat implementation that makes it a worthy tweak.

Priority Hub (1) Priority Hub (3)

The tweak’s settings are controlled via the native Settings app in iOS, and as of now, include just two configurable options, whereby allowing you to show the number of notifications per app as well as deciding the positioning of the icons. Priority Hub also supports themed icons, so in case you’ve applied a theme on your jailbroken iPhone that changes app icons, they’ll reflect within Priority Hub as well.

It goes without saying that Priority Hub requires a jailbreak, and hence, will not work on any device that is running iOS 7.1 and above right now. It does, however, fully support 64-bit architecture of iPhone 5s. On the other hand, iPad is currently not supported, since there are some issues with the layout of the device. The developer says he plans on expanding support to include Apple’s tablet as well, so we’re positive we’ll see improvements in the future. Overall, Priority Hub is a very neat implementation of Blackberry 10’s notification system, and one that you’d appreciate having if you sport a jailbroken iPhone. Considering it’s amazing price tag of free, do get your hands on this package right away!

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