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TikTok For iPhone & iPad Lets You Design Your Very Own Alarm Clock

The stock Clock app in iOS is pretty neat, and serves its purposes without many frills attached. You can use it to simultaneously view accurate time updates from several places, and set up alarms. Having said that, there is no way of changing the interface of that app, and users are bound to get bored of waking up to the same old sound again and again. This is where TikTok can help you. This beautiful app for iPhone and iPad comes equipped with an impressive array of options related to time and alarms. It is a complete replacement app for the stock Clock in iOS, and brings a slew of new features to the mix as well. The app has quite a lot of beautiful clocks within, and if those aren’t enough for you, it is possible to design one of your own! TikTok also allows its users to set the music from their device’s library as their alarm tone. The app has a pretty decent music player, whose best feature is to automatically turn off music at any predefined time.

TikTok ( Alarm) Clock TikTok ( Alarm) Music TikTok ( Alarm) Settings

TikTok offers both digital and analog clocks. You can switch between the existing designs by simply swiping across the main screen of the app. The dock below the main screen of TikTok is multi-purpose as well, and you can swipe through it separately to discover all the useful things it can do. The dock can be used as a calendar, a music player and a weather widget. The music player has to be initiated by hitting the ‘+’ button and choosing the songs you want the app to play. The little counter to the right of the dock screen (when in music player mode) specifies the number of minutes you want to play the music for. After that duration, the music will be automatically turned off, and this can prove to be a really useful feature if you are worried that you might fall asleep without stopping the track. The app has gesture support, too, and you can shake the device to make the flashlight come on.

Screen brightness can be controlled via upward and downward gestures. TikTok can be the perfect app for you if you frequently use your iDevice in dock mode, and for that particular purpose, it comes with a slideshow option. When you start a slideshow, the clock is automatically moved to the top left corner of the screen, leaving the majority of space for photos.

TikTok ( Alarm) Custom Clock TikTok Alarm

There are only 6 clock designs available in TikTok by default, but that number can be stretched to hundreds if you venture to the app’s designing menu. Here, you can easily personalize the clock’s dial, numbers, hands, color and anything you can possibly imagine. Each instance created in this manner can be saved individually and used later. Being a third-party app, TikTok has to be running if you want its alarms to use custom music, and it doesn’t bypass silent mode.

For aesthetic purposes, TikTok (+Alarm) might become many people’s favorite alarm clock app pretty soon. The app is optimized for both iPhone & iPad, and has gone free for a limited time. You can download TikTok from the following link.

Download TikTok (+Alarm)

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