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Tipbit Combines Mail, Calendar & Contact Management In One iPhone App

Apps like Mailbox and Boxer have certainly raised the bar when it comes to email apps on iOS. The stock Mail app isn’t too bad either, but anyone looking for that something extra is sure to gravitate towards  third-party mail clients. Tipbit isn’t as shiny as some of the bigger names in the App Store, but this new app certainly has its own unique way of handling email. Rather than focusing on just your inbox, this app gives you a refreshingly unique view of your contacts. If you choose to associate your social media accounts with Tipbit, it makes sure you have all the important information on a contact any time you need it. In addition to that, Tipbit makes it really easy for users to associate events with contacts, and there is even a Google Search section to make the experience complete.

Tipbit iOS Setup Tipbit iOS Services

Unlike most email apps on iOS that require nothing more than your email ID and password to function, Tipbit requires that users sign up for an app-specific account as well. Once you have registered, the next step is to select your email provider from a screen that is almost the exact replica of Apple’s own setup menu. To get the most out of the app, it is advised that you associate your Dropbox and social media accounts with it too. Granting Tipbit access to your local calendars and contacts is necessary.

Tipbit iOS Menu Tipbit iOS Home

The main screen of Tipbit has a somewhat simplified interface, with Mail, Calendar, People, and Favorites sections listed on the homepage. There are other options as well, but they have to be accessed by heading to the menu located to the left. It is from this menu that you get to manage your email account and access the app’s settings. From the settings section, it is also possible to tinker with the permissions you have granted to Tipbit.

Tipbit iOS Options Tipbit iOS Mail Tipbit iOS Calendar

Judging just by the mailbox view, Tipbit might seem like an ordinary app, but just swipe across a message and you will see an array of really interesting options. From these mail-specific options, users can view all the messages they have received from a contact in the past. There is the possibility of creating an event out of an email by hitting the calendar icon, and the app can also accumulate all attachments in one view if you hit the penultimate icon from this menu. The Google Search option opens a small web browser within the app, but doesn’t have too many bells and whistles attached to it.

The actual messages view isn’t too different from the stock Mail app, and the calendar is pretty basic, too. Inside the ‘People’ section, data from all of a contact’s associated accounts is gathered inside a single page (a bit like Windows Phone’s People hub).

Tipbit is a free app and despite a rather lackluster UI, can prove to be a useful addition to your iPhone. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

Install Tipbit from App Store

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