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Insanely Popular To-Do List App Clear For iPhone Available For Free

App developers and even big companies like Apple are always accusing others of copying their ideas or different unique features. The rise of Siri was followed by a barrage of voice-controlled personal assistants. Having said that, few third-party apps reach the level of popularity where developers on the platform (and even other platforms) start copying them. Clear managed to do that, with clones coming out on Android, and even on the Mac App Store where it has an official client of its own. It’s not like the app costs too much on iOS (priced at only $0.99) but some people just refuse to spend money on apps if there is a free or stock alternative available. For such users, it is now possible to download Clear without spending anything, as long as they are living in the U.S. This is because Clear has been nominated as the Starbucks ‘App of the Week’.

Clear iOS Main Clear iOS List Clear iOS Shake

In case you aren’t unfamiliar with Clear, let us take you through the main features offered by the app. The app works exclusively via gestures, and everything from task management to list creation can be done by simple swipes. To populate a list, simply swipe downwards on the screen. A new task can also be added between two existing ones by using the pinch gesture. Since Clear automatically assigns a color to your tasks based upon their priority level, it is important to long-press a task and bring it near the top if it is more urgent. To delete a task, swipe to the left, while use a rightwards swipe to mark it as done. To undo any action, simply shake your iPhone.

To switch to a view of all the lists containing your tasks, perform the pinch gesture on an opened list. The number of tasks associated with each list is written next to its name, and creating new lists here works the same way as creating tasks.

Clear iOS Menu Clear iOS Settings

Although the default Clear theme is pretty decent, it is possible to change it by heading to the app’s Settings screen. This can be done by pinching the list view. Other options in the Clear menu let you link iCloud with the app, enable icon badges and toggle ‘Edge Swipes’ – a feature that allows users to switch between lists without the pinch gesture.

Clear is still available as a $0.99 download in the App Store, but you can grab it for free (for a limited time) if you are in the US by tapping the following link from your iPhone.

Download Clear For iOS (Starbucks Promotion)

Download Clear For iOS

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