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TumbleOn Comes To iPhone; Lets You Create & View Custom Tumblr Image Streams

Tumblr might not be as popular as Twitter, but this microblogging service certainly has its fans. Tumblr is all about sharing media content quickly, and the platform does boast an enormous collection of photos related to just about any topic in the world. Although there is an official Tumblr app for iOS, and a pretty good one at that, there is still room for an app that focuses more on image viewing rather than account management. TumbleOn is just such an app. It allows you to create customized image groups even if you don’t have a Tumblr account. A large portion of the data on Tumblr is public, which is what TumbleOn aggregates. Of course, there are account management options available in the app as well, but its distinguishing feature is its personalized photo streams.

TumbleOn Menu TumbleOn Stream TumbleOn Staff Picks

When TumbleOn is launched for the first time, you will see a random stream suggested by the app. To start creating custom feeds, hit the small Tumblr icon in the top-left corner of the app. This opens the app’s main menu, which, in addition to the aforementioned, contains the following options.

  • Accounts: If you don’t have a Tumblr account, you can create one from this section of the app. You can link multiple accounts with TumbleOn at a time.
  • Explore: In case you want to do more than just link your account with the app, this is where you should go. Not only can you view your own blog’s analytics here, subsections like Staff Picks and Followers will make sure your feeds stay fresh.
  • Blog Lookup: Blog Lookup can be considered TumbleOn’s search menu.
  • Groups: The whole point of the app is to let you create groups of similar blogs, so that you can view all their posts in one place.

TumbleOn Viewer TumbleOn Options TumbleOn Settings

TumbleOn has got a pretty decent image viewer that is redolent of the official Tumblr photo viewer. Of course, as the app is specially for images, there is no way of viewing text from any Tumblr. However, you can read the caption of each image by hitting the button at the extreme right of the bottom bar. Other options in the bottom bar let you re-blog an image, share it via email or add it to your favorites, change the group of any image source or view its re-blog stats.

TumbleOn also supports HD images, and you can toggle this feature on from the app’s settings menu. The same menu also has the option to put a passcode lock on the whole app.

TumbleOn is the perfect app for those who don’t have a Tumblr account, but would still like to go through the awesome image repository that the platform offers. The app has been available for the iPad for quite a while now (with a price tag of $1.99). An iPhone version of the app has just hit the App Store, and is free for a limited time to celebrate its launch.

Download TumbleOn for iPhone & iPod touch

Download TumbleOn HD for iPad

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