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Tumblr For iPhone Gets Native Design, Better Notifications & GIF Support

After a long time, Tumblr’s iOS app recently received an update with features like fast reblogging, better tag management and an improved interface. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have to wait as long as before for the next major update of the client. The app has received yet another decent update. Tumblr 3.2 plays GIF animations on the dashboard (even before you open them) and the overall interface of the dashboard has improved as well. Profile pages show each blog’s description and cover image, but apart from all these cosmetic changes, the app has gained a few useful new features, too. The notifications are now more specific, and offer a thumbnail of the user and activity. A universal ‘back’ gesture has been added to the mix as well. More details after the break.

Tumblr iOS Dashboard Tumblr iOS GIFs Tumblr iOS Notifications

If you have been using Tumblr on your iPhone for a long time, you are sure to notice that the app is much faster than it was before, with a snappier UI and quicker loading of images. This is owing to the fact that the app now has a completely native design. However, performance improvements aren’t the only thing that’s new about the app. Rather than just displaying thumbnails, the new dashboard now shows larger image previews in the main feed. If you come across a GIF on the dashboard, it will be animating even before you open it. Not only that, you can seek frame-by-frame through the animation simply by swiping across it.

The app has adopted a new way of displaying Tumblr blogs. Descriptions and blog portraits head the page, while the images within the blogs are larger as well. When it comes to notifications, you might notice only minor changes at first. There are icons and post thumbnails against most alerts, and the content is more optimized. Unlike in previous versions of the app, the Notification area specifies the exact post that elicits a response. The link to the post as well as the comment is included within the notification.

While there are buttons to navigate back from almost all areas of the app, Tumblr has made things more universal by adding a back gesture. No matter where you are in the app, a swipe to the right of the screen will take you back to the previous screen.

Tumblr is available for free, as always. It’s kind of disappointing that the app still doesn’t have an iPad version, but with updates for the iPhone and iPod touch variant coming out so quickly, one can’t really complain.

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