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Tumblr For iOS & Android Updated With Fast Reblogging, Alerts, Tags & Fan Mail

Twitter and Tumblr have really made microblogging mainstream in recent times, and while Twitter has got deep integration with iOS, Tumblr fans still have to rely on the service’s official app to access and follow their favorite blogs on iPhone and Android. As is the case with all major services, there are many tasks that users just can’t perform on the Tumblr app, and you might have to go to the desktop version of the site quite often. With the latest Tumblr update for iOS and Android, however, you just might find yourself using Tumblr more often on your smartphone. Not only has the app now got some really neat new features, the developers have also addressed some annoying issues that have always plagued Tumblr on smartphones. The app now sports more convenient, gesture-based ways of sharing and re-blogging posts. Other than that, the notification alerts have been largely improved, and a really comprehensive Tags menu has been added to the mix, allowing users to track and view any tag they want.

Tumblr Dashboard Tumblr tags

If you have never used Tumblr before, and want to give the service a try for the first time, it is now possible to sign up for a new Tumblr account from within the app. Another thing that has made Tumblr a lot more welcoming to new users is its dashboard. The app now offers shortcuts, like Text, Quote, Photo, Link, Chat and Video. None of these features are new, just the way they are represented on the dashboard has been changed. Another big feature that has made its way to the Tumblr app with this latest update is the revamped Tags menu. Instead of showing tags in a boring list, the app shows a graphical view of all the featured tags. You can also search for a particular tag, and then choose to track it by hitting the small button that appears in the search bar.

Tumblr Fan Mail Tumblr Share Tumblr Find Blogs

A lot of Android users previously complained of the inconvenience of sharing photos from Tumblr. This issue has been addressed for both Android and iOS in the app’s latest update, and you just have to tap and hold over any photo to bring up sharing options that include email, Twitter and copying the post’s URL. Another gesture that has been added to Tumblr is the quick re-blogging one. Just tap and hold over the re-blog button on any post, and the post will be shared from your account without asking for conformation or any additional details.

It is easier to discover blogs to follow in Tumblr 3.1.0, and there is a whole section dedicated to that purpose. A completely new feature that has been added to Tumblr for iOS and Android is Fan Mail. You can now interact with owners of all your favorite blogs by using the Send Fan Mail button, available in each blog’s main options. These are all the changes Tumblr has undergone (unless you count bug fixes and performance improvements), and the app remains free as always.

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