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Tunebooth Is A Gesture-Based iPhone Music Player With Built-In Theme Editor

The iTunes App Store offers enough variety to provide you with a new music player every day of the year, but it’s all about finding the one that suits you most. Tunebooth is one that is as different from the stock Music app as any music player can be. The app has gesture-based controls and an interface that, though more befitting of a Windows 8 app, looks and feels great. Additionally, the app handles playlists better than any iOS music player we have come across till now.

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Head to the Library section of Tunebooth to create your playlist or search for a particular track. The four main options include Songs, Artists, Albums and Genres. You can use the Search option to look through your library as well.

Once you have chosen a song to be played, you can switch to the Now Playing screen with a downwards swipe. It is possible to switch between lyrics and cover art view by tapping the button on the top-left. To bring up playback controls, tap the screen once. Song controls include adding a track to playlists, adding it to your favorites or putting it on repeat. The playlists you create on the go in Tunebooth are saved permanently. That is, they won’t get wiped when you start over and choose to play a new song.

Tunebooth Music Player offers a nice mixture of actual and gesture-based controls. There are buttons available for almost all tasks, but you can perform them using the predefined gestures, too.

The app supports a large number of gestures; large enough to warrant a dedicated menu in the Settings section. The gestures are more or less like the ones you’ll find in the usual gesture-based music player, such as swiping across to change songs, an upward swipe for volume control, and flicking the name of a song in a playlist to skip it.

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There’s plenty more to Tunebooth than gesture control, though. Rather than just your own playlists, the app groups songs into Best, History, Most Played and other lists of similar nature.

When it comes to cosmetics, Tunebooth has a number of really neat themes and a native theme editor. You can even share themes with other users of the app via Bluetooth. The customization extends as far as button placement. You can tinker with icon text, set the screen to stay on while you’re within the app, hide or show the status bar and optimize the app for left or right-handed use. Another great option is syncing control, which allows users to skip syncing songs that have low ratings.

If you make an in-app purchase of $0.99, the Web tab will be unlocked. From this tab, you can search for a song over YouTube, discover songs that are likely to match your interests, manage videos and scrobble your music choices to Facebook.

Download Tunebooth Music Player For iOS

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