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TuneWiki Releases iOS Music Player With Live Lyrics & Song Recognition

TuneWiki is a well-known name among music fans, and it is usually the first destination for anyone trying to find lyrics for a song. The service has a social network of its own as well, where you can connect with people having similar music interests as you. You would think that such a useful service will have an iOS app of its own, but surprisingly, the official client for the service has been released just today (even Windows Phone got a TuneWiki app way before iOS). However, after taking the iPhone app for a spin, we can say that the wait has been completely worth it. TuneWiki for iPhone is a complete music player that features scrolling lyrics. Apart from that, if you are a registered TuneWiki user, you can follow and find people who are listening to your favorite songs, thus letting you create a music-oriented social network. The Shazam-like song discovery feature of TuneWiki makes it a complete app for dealing with everything related to songs and music on your iPhone.

TuneWiki Player TuneWiki Lyrics Languages

TuneWiki starts off with a view of your music library, and just like the stock Music app, the collection shown in TuneWiki has separate menus for artists, tracks and playlists. Any song you play from your library will be played with live lyrics from TuneWiki. The major portion of the player screen is taken up by the song’s album art, while the controls include forward/ rewind, pause/ play and a volume slider. You can view complete lyrics of the song by hitting the leftmost button in the control bar. It is possible to broadcast your thoughts regarding the current song by hitting the button located in the top right corner of the screen. If you choose to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with TuneWiki, you can scrobble music over your social network as well, rather than just the app’s own network. One of the most interesting features of the music player in TuneWiki is the Lyrics Languages menu. If you tap the small ‘A’ button from the controls menu, you can get a translation of the track’s lyrics in any of the supported languages. The translated lyrics will continue working in live mode.

TuneWiki Community TuneWiki Song Fans

While enjoying a song, you can get extra information about it by swiping to the left of the screen. The menu marked Top Fans will let you find people who like the song you are currently listening to. If you like their profile and interests, then you can choose to follow them to discover new music. The Community screen in TuneWiki is the main feeds section of the app, and it is from there that users can keep in touch with activity of their own network, and find out what’s hot among the masses these days.

TuneWiki Menu TuneWiki Song Lyrics

The TuneWiki app comes with a few extra features too, the best of which is the song recognition mode. If you hear a song playing anywhere, and want to know everything about it, just launch TuneWiki and hit the second icon from its menu bar. The app listens to the song, and will come up with its name and lyrics in no time. You can also go straight to iTunes and purchase the recognized song.

With all its magnificent features, TuneWiki is a free app and optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. If you link your social networks with TuneWiki, the whole experience is sure to become much more fun, and the app just might become your default music player on the iPhone.

Download TuneWiki for iOS

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