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Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Server For Sharing Media Between iOS Devices Over WiFi

To highlight iOS’s ability to let its users transfer files via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi, we recently published a list of all the best iPhone and iPad apps that let you transfer files wirelessly between two iDevices. Our list consisted wholly of free apps, and that means there are some other good file sharing solutions available for iOS that didn’t make it into our compilation . Fortunately, one of those apps, SuperShare, has just gone free. SuperShare acts as a server for whole photo albums or documents on your iPhone, and this means that the recipient can download anything at will, and you won’t have to upload unnecessary data. Of course, both the receiver and the sender of files will need to have SuperShare on their iPhone or iPad, but the features and variety of file formats supported by the app overshadow this limitation.

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To make everything work correctly, make sure that both the iDevices have got SuperShare installed on them, and are on the same Wi-Fi network. The homepage of the app deals with documents. The first menu, labeled Shared Docs, will display all the documents that are currently hosted by other devices connected to your network. If you want to host some documents of your own, you will need to get them into your iPhone using iTunes. The iTunes Docs section is there just for that purpose. To create a server for files, hit the bottom option marked File Sharing. Tap the Share button in the top bar of the screen, and enter the name and password you want to assign to the current session. As long as you don’t hit the Stop Sharing button, your files will remain accessible to anyone using your Wi-Fi network.

The configuration of photo sharing using SuperShare is pretty similar to sharing other file types. You have to start a session using the Share button, and if you are the receiver, do the same with Connect. SuperShare can be used to edit or archive your documents as well. The option to do that can be accessed using the arrow button located in the top-right corner of the main screen. The formats supported by SuperShare include iWork files, Office docs, media files, PDFs and a lot more. The app offers batch download of files, and you have to tap all the desired files before hitting the Download button to do that.

As already discussed, SuperShare has gone free for a limited time. The app is universal, where the iPad version offers iCloud linking so that you can share documents from your cloud on the go.

Download SuperShare For iOS

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