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How To Turn Off iPhone X

The iPhone X no longer has dedicated power button. The long button you see along the top right side of the phone lets you activate Siri on iPhone X, or sleep your phone. Holding down the button does one of these two things. It no longer shuts down the device. To turn iPhone X off, you have to use a combination of two buttons, or go through the settings app.

Turn Off iPhone X – Software Method

This method is pretty simple but it isn’t the easiest to access. In iOS 11, Apple added an option in the Settings app that lets you shut down the iPhone. This option appears in all iPhone models that have upgraded to iOS 11 though it’s needed only on an iPhone X.

Open the Settings app and go to the General setting. Scroll all the way to the end. You will see a Shut Down option under the Reset option. Tap it and you will see the familiar ‘Slide to power off’ screen. Slide to turn off iPhone X. Of course, to turn it back on, you need to do it via the physical buttons. Alternatively, you can connect your iPhone X to a power source and it will turn on.

Turn Off iPhone X – Physical Buttons

To turn off iPhone X using physical buttons, you need to hold down the sleep/wake button and any one of the volume buttons simultaneously. Hold them down for a few seconds and you will see the ‘Slide to power off’ screen that lets you turn your phone off. To turn it back on, hold down the buttons again until you see the Apple logo on your screen. Release the buttons when the logo appears and your phone will boot right up.

The physical buttons are a bit clumsy to use considering the size of the iPhone X. It’s slightly taller than the iPhone 8 but the buttons have also moved slightly more towards the top. With a phone that size, pressing two buttons simultaneously isn’t going to be easy. Just ask anyone with a large screen Android phone how easy it is to take a screenshot and they’ll know how you feel.

Regardless how you turn the iPhone X off, connecting it to a power source will always turn it on. This works if you put it on a wireless charging pad, connect it to a battery pack, connect it to a wall outlet, or connect it to a PC or Mac. An iPhone, regardless of which model it is, simply cannot be charged in a powered-off state.

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