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Turn Videos Into GIFs On An iOS Device, Control Playback & Frame Rate

Sharing a video is something that was confined to desktops where we would upload what we had created or recorded live to Facebook or YouTube and share it with the world. That’s changed considerably now; apps like Vine have made video sharing really easy and Instagram soon picked up on the flow. Both apps and services have given users a quick video sharing platform. Vines and Instagram videos are still videos which means they are going to be relatively large files. Gyf is a free iOS app that can record a ten second video, or take one from your camera roll and turn it into a GIF. The file can be uploaded to your GYF profile and shared. Unfortunately saving it to your camera roll isn’t possible and saving it to your local drive requires jumping through a few hoops. What sets the app apart though is that you can manage the frame rate and how fast or slowly the GIF plays all from the app and sharing the GIF is made easy with Facebook and Messenger integration.

Launch the app and sign up to use the service. Gyf supports Facebook sign up. If you want to record a live video, tap ‘New video’. If you want to transform a video you recorded earlier into a GIF, tap ‘Choose Video’. You can record or convert up to ten seconds of any video.

Gyf_create Gyf_record

Once you’ve recorded the video, you can play it back and use it if it’s good enough, or capture a fresh one. The video is automatically converted into a GIF but you can manage the frame rate and the playback speed by tapping the paintbrush icon. Use the sliders to increase or decrease the framerate and speed up or slow down the GIF. To give your image a title before you upload it, tap the speech bubble icon and enter a title.

Gyf_edit Gyf_title

When you’re done, tap the upload button. It took an unusually long time for the GIF to upload considering it was just a 988KB file. You can share it via email and message, or to Facebook or Messenger by Facebook. You can also copy a link to the image to your clipboard and share it via whichever messaging app or social network you like. Given that we’re creating GIFs, I think the biggest flaw with this app is that the image can’t be saved to your camera roll. The app creates a 320 x 240px sized image.

Install Gyf From The App Store

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