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Piki By Turntable.fm Brings Taste-Based, Crowd-Curated Radio Stations For iOS

You might say that the genre of music streaming apps has become a bit crowded in recent years. The competition among services like Last.fm, Turntable.fm and Pandora is quite fierce, which is evident from the barrage of updates and even new apps that are released by these streaming giants at frequent intervals. A few months back, we covered Fuzz Radio – an app that offers radio stations curated by music professionals. Turntable.fm’s latest iOS app, Piki is based on a pretty similar concept, with the difference being that you get a radio station of your own that is a mixture of several streams curated by users with similar interests. Another great thing about the app is its simplicity, since you don’t have to go through a lot of steps to configure a personalized radio stations – just pick your favorite songs (right from the stock Music app of your iPhone) and let Piki do the rest.

Piki iOS Artists Piki iOS Radio

You have to sign up for a new Piki account in order to get started. This can be done by specifying a username, email address and password. It is also possible to add a photo to your profile to keep things interesting.

The first thing Piki asks you to do once you are logged in is to pick a song via the search box, the iTunes store or by browsing through your local song collection. Piki is a bit pushy in the sense that it automatically adds some people to your ‘Followed’ list as soon as you post a song. These users have music tastes that match yours, and the tracks of their choices make up your personal radio station. You can manually add more variety to the stream by adding more artists, songs or genres to the mix. Any song you like while listening to the stream can be re-picked, and you can assign a mood to it as well.

Piki iOS Profile Piki iOS Picks Piki iOS Feed

The songs picked in Piki can also be shared to Facebook and Twitter, if you have connected your social network accounts with the app. If you are a privacy freak, Piki is probably not the right app for you, since it doesn’t give users much control over who they can follow and who gets to send them private messages. Having said that, the app is overall pretty good, and we really liked the radio station it created during our little test run.

Piki is a free app, and is optimized for iPhone & iPod touch. You can grab it by heading to the following App Store link.

Download Piki For iOS

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