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Twist Automatically Tells Your Friends Your Estimated Arrival Time [iPhone]

Location-based iOS apps have got their fair share of fans, as they offer a diverse range of functionalities and features. You can gauge the importance of this genre of apps from the fact that even Apple has released apps like Find My Friends to get the most out of the GPS units in their iDevices. So, with so many good location-based apps already in the App Store you would think that every useful functionality of this category is covered by one app or the other. However, apps like Twist make us realize every once in a while that there is always room for improvement, and you can always find something new to add to iOS. This neat little app makes sure that all your friends automatically get notified of your estimated time of arrival at any particular place. This means you won’t have to text while driving, or look at the Maps app to mentally calculate the time required to reach anywhere. Once you specify your destination and choose the people who are waiting for you there, Twist notifies everyone of your mode of transportation, route and expected arrival time.

Twist Home Twist Map

Twist is only available in the US App Store for now, but it works perfectly well anywhere in the world. To get started you will have to create a new app-specific profile by entering your name and attaching a display picture (optional). Once that has been done, Twist takes its users to the app’s main page. On the homepage of Twist, you can define some of your favorite routes, which are destinations that you frequently travel to. By default, there are just Home and Work available as favorites, but you can add as many as you like. Creating a favorite route won’t make a new Twist (as the events in the app are called), and none of your contacts will be notified. To mark a route, just let the app access your current location, and then drop a pin on the map at the point where your destination is. Alternatively, you can use the text box at the top of the screen and search for a particular place that way.

Twist Trip Map Twist Trip Details Twist Trip Weather

New twists created via the map within the app require you to specify your mode of transpiration, and as soon as you have done that, your chosen contacts will be notified of your ETA. Having said that, Twist is intelligent enough to continuously update the ETA to sync the timings with the actual moment you leave. So, it is not necessary to create a new event right before leaving, you can do that beforehand as well. Twist supports addition of photos to each event, and you will be able to view your own progress on the map. Apart from that, there is the Info section that displays the weather conditions in your area. Each individual entry in Twist has got a Messages menu of its own, where all the involved people can interact regarding your progress.

Even if your friends don’t have an iPhone, they can track your progress via the web link that is sent out by Twist (through email) to everyone who is tagged in a particular event. So, if you don’t like waiting, or are just tired of people telling you that they will arrive “soon”, Twist is the perfect app for you. Do give this iPhone-optimized app a shot if you are living in the US, where it is available as a free download.

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