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Change Orientation Of iPhone Apps Using Activator Gestures

With a few exceptions, all good iOS apps support both landscape and portrait modes. Unless an app changes its orientation automatically, like a lot of games do, you have to change the physical position of the device itself in order to view the app in the orientation of your choice. There are situations (for example, while reading on iBooks or surfing the web on your phone while lying down) when you keep changing the orientation inadvertently. While the rotation lock is designed to prevent such situations, UIRotation for Activator is a new Cydia tweak that lets you take matters into your own hands. This tweak can be used to manually switch between orientations within apps, independent of the physical orientation of the device. UIRotation can prove to be even more handy when used in conjunction with the rotation lock, as you will have total control over app orientations in that scenario.

UIRotation for Activator Cydia UIRotation for Activator Activator

Before your imagination runs wild, let us clarify that UIRotation only works for apps that support multiple orientation modes to begin with. So, don’t expect the tweak to endow your iPhone’s SpringBoard with a landscape mode. Before you can get down to business, UIRotation has to be set up. Go to the stock Settings app and make your way to the Activator menu. The tweak is an Activator plugin, so doesn’t have a menu of its own. Choose any gesture you want, and you will find the Device UIRotation menu within it. There are four actions on offer, namely, turning the display upside down, rotating it to right or left landscape mode and bringing everything back to normal via the Default option. Set up all the actions to get the most out of UIRotation.

If you haven’t locked your device’s orientation, the app will keep acting normally until you perform one of the UIRotation gestures. For example, if you selected right swipe for Landscape Right, the app will get rotated to the right even when you are holding it vertically.To get it back in portrait mode, either perform the Default gesture, or tilt your device twice. This is where turning orientation lock on can be of help. If you are worried about accidental orientation change, but want to keep the option of changing the app’s display mode at will, UIRotation is perfect for you since the tweak bypasses the orientation lock when a gesture is performed.

UIRotation for Activator is a free tweak. You can download it for your iPhone or iPad from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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