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Use Google Search’s Text-To-Speech Engine To Command Siri With Googiri

Ever since the release of Google Now for iOS, Siri must be feeling a bit insecure for the first time, as prior to that, even the best third-party personal assistants have struggled to give it any real competition on the platform. Although Google Now is more feature-rich, Apple’s own talking assistant enjoys better integration with the OS, and has the ability to create reminders, launch apps and perform other similar system tasks. On the other hand, Siri’s speech recognition isn’t something to write home about. People have often suffered placing awkward calls to their contacts while trying to create a simple reminder. Won’t it be just perfect if you could have Siri’s features accessible through the speech recognition prowess of Google Search? Googiri is a new Cydia tweak that makes this dream come true. By saying ‘Siri’ before any request made to Google’s voice search, users can get the results of their queries from Siri. You can even choose to stop using Google’s search altogether, and completely switch to using its text-to-speech engine with Siri.

Googiri-iPhone-Cydia-tweak Googiri-Google-Search-to-Siri

Once downloaded, Googiri adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app. Apart from detailed instructions, the tweak’s menu has just two main options. The first toggle simply allows users to disable or enable Googiri, while the ‘Send All To Siri’ toggle can be useful if you want every query in Google Now to be routed to Siri by default. If the second option is disabled, users have to say ‘Siri’ or ‘Hey Siri’ before any query they want to direct to Siri from the Google Search app. The tweak’s menu has a complete list of words that can be said before a query for routing it to Siri from Google Search.

Googiri-transitiion-to-Siri Googiri-result-Siri

With the ‘Send Everything To Siri!’ feature, the roles are somewhat reversed. Instead of asking you to say a keyword to direct requests to Siri, all queries spoken to Google Search are automatically handled by Siri, unless you say something like “Google” or “Google for” before the rest of the sentence. If you are using this mode, it might be a good idea to also give NowNow a try so that you get to use Siri by long-pressing the Home button, but with Google’s speech-to-text engine instead of the default one.

Googiri is a free tweak that can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. If you have ever had any problems with Siri’s level of recognition for your accent, we are sure that this tweak will prove to be a good addition to your iPhone.

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