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Use Images & Your Voice To Create Movies With Boca Video For iPhone

Presenting data using a combination of sound and images is a really effective method to get your point across to a large audience. That is why PowerPoint and other similar tools have become so widely used in offices and educational institutes. Despite the importance of presentations, not everyone has a penchant for them. Also, it is not possible to be physically present everywhere to explain your ideas. An obvious solution to this is creating a video, but that’s not video editing isn’t exactly a strong point of most of us as a majority of video editor tools tend to be complicated for the average user. Not unless you have Boca Video, that is. This iPhone app has an extremely easy way of letting users create short videos/presentations using still images. You can edit these images individually before adding them to your video, and to make Boca really useful, you also have the option of recording audio to go with the images.

Boca Video iOS Images Boca Video iOS Edit Boca Video iOS Record

At present, you can use only up to nine images for a single video, and one session cannot exceed 30 seconds. The developers have promised to extend these limits in the future, but for now you will have to make do with that.

One thing that is really striking about Boca Video is its simplicity. There is virtually no learning curve, meaning you won’t have to spend any time to learn how to use the app and can instead start making your clips. To get started, tap the middle button in the bottom bar to start choosing the images for your video. Boca offers options to let users add images from the photo library of their phone, or snap a photo using the camera and add it to the roster straight away. If you want to edit any image, tap its thumbnail and the app’s photo editor will show up. The Aviary-powered plugin has photo effects, stickers, aspect adjustment options and other editing features that can come real handy here. Once you are satisfied with the way each picture looks, hit the ‘Next’ button.

Here, you can record your voice (or any other sound, for that matter) for the video; simply hit the red record button and begin talking. To change the photo or set a particular one for a specific passage of audio, simply tap the appropriate thumbnail. If you are done before 30 seconds, hit ‘stop’.

Boca Video iOS Save Boca Video iOS Home

Although there is a disappointing time limit on videos, there is no restriction on the number of videos that can be created using Boca. All your past creations will appear on the app’s main page and can be shared via Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook and email. Boca Video has an elaborate tagging system to help keep the video library organized, and the ‘Edit’ option allows you to change that metadata.

Boca Video is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded for free from the link below.

Download Boca Video For iOS


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