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Use iPhone Volume Keys To Control Screen Brightness With BrightVol

Usually a Cydia tweak is considered good if it brings something new to your iPhone without taking away any of the existing options. You can get almost any useful feature on iOS if you have a jailbroken device and are willing to alter its looks for the worse. Screen brightness is something that iPhone users can control only from the stock Settings app, unless they have a jailbroken device. Even with access to the Cydia store, you get tweaks that add unsightly buttons to the SpringBoard, but then there is also the rather neat SBSettings control for brightness. BrightVol is a tweak allows you to adjust your phone’s brightness level in a completely new way. Read on to find out how.

When activated, BrightVol temporarily turns your phone’s volume keys into brightness controls. You get a 30-second window in which to adjust the brightness using the volume keys and after that, they automatically return to their usual function. It’s that simple, and makes you wonder why didn’t someone think of it before.

BrightVol iOS Activator BrightVol iOS Gesture BrightVol iOS Brightness

As for the trigger that changes the function of volume keys, BrightVol is an Activator-based tweak and can be invoked by performing the gesture of your choice. By default, the gesture is set to ‘Both Press’ for volume keys. While this gesture is quite convenient in most cases, you can change it to any other of your choice from the available options.

Whenever you perform the selected gesture, you will see a HUD with nothing but the brightness icon in the middle of it. This signifies that the volume keys have undergone the transformation and will now deal with brightness for the next 30 seconds. When you are done altering the brightness level, it is possible to manually bring everything back to normal by performing the BrightVol gesture once again, if you don’t want to give it half a minute to do so automatically.

While iPad already has its App Switcher shortcut for changing the brightness level quickly, BrightVol provides iPhone users with an equally convenient way of doing the same. Unless you choose an Activator gesture that you are really familiar with, BrightVol might not be any better for you than SBSettings, so select the gesture for the tweak wisely.

Lastly, you needn’t go about looking for a new menu for this tweak inside the Settings app; it just adds a new entry to the Activator list. BrightVol is a free tweak and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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