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Use Your iPhone To Find Free WiFi Networks Anywhere In The World

Internet is a basic human right in some countries, while in others, it’s pretty much a luxury. Regardless of what status the internet has where you live, free WiFi is something no one would say no to. WiFiMapper is a free iOS app that uses your location, and your WiFi radio to scan your surroundings for free WiFi networks. Naturally, the range is short but it’s also a crowd-sourced tool for mapping all the free WiFi available in the world. Users can log places where free WiFi is available and they are displayed in the app on a map so you can see from miles away where free internet is available even if you can scan the area with your phone.

Launch WiFiMapper and allow it to use your location. It will search for all WiFi networks that are in range and do not require a password to use. On the map, you can zoom out to view larger areas. The networks that show up outside your range are the ones that other users have marked as free.

Tap a network to view details for it. For each network, you can see how many people have seen it and marked it as free. If available, you can also see how well the network performs. You can connect to one of these networks, identify a new one, or you can leave a comment for a network that you may have used.

WifiMapper WifiMapper_vote

In order to mark and identify free WiFi networks, you will have to sign in with your Facebook ID. Tap the cog wheel button at the top of the home screen to view the sign in option. A WiFi network’s location can be shared as an image over social media and messaging apps.

The networks are identified by users so whether they are accurate or not depends on how many people have vouched for a network. That said, one thing the app fails at is sharing the location of a network. It’s baffling why they decided to share it as an image when the exact location can be shared and is an effective way to share just about any place. This needs fixing, post haste.

Install WiFiMapper From The App Store

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