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Use Your iPhone To Solve Handwritten Math Problems

We live in a time where you can point your phone at text and have it translated to a language you can understand. There’s an app called PhotoMath that lets you point your iPhone at an algebraic equation in your text book and the app will solve it and then we have Mathpix. It’s a free iOS app that can solve hand written math problems. It can solve equations and plot them on a graph and can solve both simple problems and algebraic ones.

Install Mathpix and allow it to access your camera. In the app’s built-in camera view finder, resize the white box to fit around the equation you want solved. The app will capture that part and then analyse it for mathematical symbols. A square outline appears around each integer, symbol, and variable in the equation as the app identifies them.

The solution is given in two forms; the solution/simplification of the equation and the equation itself mapped out on a graph. The graph can be exported as a photo and saved to Dropbox, iCloud, or your photo library.

Mathpix-app Mathpix-solved

While I love what Mathpix does, I wish it were built for more than just solving problems you get for home work. It will only recognize an equation if it’s written like one. If you have a column of numbers that you want to add together to find out how much you spent on groceries then you’re out of luck. It might seem like a small and isolated use case but it would make the app useful outside its academic niche.

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