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Vector Graphics Editor Adobe Ideas For iOS Goes Free, Gets Cloud Sync

There can be no denying the fact that Adobe Ideas is nowhere near as feature-rich as Photoshop Touch for iOS, but regular users of Illustrator are sure to appreciate the convenience Ideas can bring to their life. The app isn’t an iOS variant of Illustrator, but is often useful if you want to start with a basic idea on your iPhone or iPad, and can’t wait till you get your hands on a desktop. There isn’t a lot you can do in Ideas, but the tools are enough to create a layout for a decent free form vector illustration. Until now though, Adobe Ideas was priced at $9.99, and it wasn’t exactly a piece of cake getting your sketches from the app to Illustrator. The latest update of Ideas has addressed both these issues by making the app free, and adding syncing options for projects between Ideas and Creative Cloud.

Adobe Ideas iOS Options Adobe Ideas iOS Syn

If you are new to Ideas, it is necessary to register a Creative Cloud account for file syncing. That said, the app remains usable even without signing in. To toggle automatic file syncing on, tap the small cloud icon in the top bar of the main page. Once the ‘Sync files’ option is enabled and you have entered you account credentials, you’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting your files on your iPhone when you really need them for further editing on the computer. It is also possible to purchase extra Creative Cloud storage space right from your device.

Apart from files, the latest update of Ideas also lets users sync color themes with Adobe’s color schemes service Kuler. This can be great if you want to start a new project from scratch, or are looking to give a new touch to an existing photo on your iDevice.

Adobe Ideas iOS Brushes Adobe Ideas iOS Share

When it comes to the editing screen, you’ll notice some subtle but important changes including a few new brushes (even more can be unlocked via in-app purchases). The app claims to have made the whole sketching process more accurate than before. The sharing menu can now be used to export drawings via email (in PDF format), or use the new Facebook and Twitter options to share them over social media.

Adobe Ideas is a universal app, but there aren’t a lot of differences between the iPad and iPhone variants. If you are looking for a sketching app with lots of features, then something like My Album might be the best bet, but Ideas is an official release from Adobe and the Creative Cloud integration has the potential to come in handy on several scenarios.

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