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Merge The iOS 7 Control Center & App Switcher With Vertex

Control Center and the revamped App Switcher are two of the most major changes offered by iOS 7. To make these changes even more pronounced, many developers over in the Cydia store have come up with tweaks to alter and augment these two parts of the OS. We have covered CControls and FullScreenPreviews, both of which change the Control Center and App Switcher quite dramatically. Vertex does not belong to the same category of tweaks, as it goes a step further and lets users access the Control Center and App Switcher in one place. This combination of the two has a distinct look, and comes with a few useful customization options as well.

Vertex iOS Settings Vertex iOS Control Center

The Vertex menu in the stock Settings app allows users to enable/disable the tweak. Apart from this basic option, there are also toggles for controlling gestures and changing the appearance of the tweak. If you want to maintain the default look of the App Switcher, keep the ‘Switcher Icons’ option enabled, as otherwise only the preview cards of running apps show up in the top half of the screen.

To launch Vertex, you can either swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen (optional) or double-tap the Home button. To customize the list of toggles that are displayed with Vertex, there is a menu that can be used to change their arrangement at will. Another option in the Vertex menu lets users switch between horizontal and vertical orientation for the tweak.

The developer behind Vertex has paid attention to every single detail. Since there are multiple pages for toggles, you can configure Vertex to return to the primary page each time the tweak is re-launched. The only thing that needs improvement is the way apps have to be killed in Vertex. You have to swipe upwards on the cards, just the way the default App Switcher works. However, in practice, this proves to be a little problematic at times, because only the preview card in the middle of the screen responds to swipes.

Vertex does not support app shortcuts, so if you are a frequent user of the Control Center flashlight toggle or calculator shortcut, this tweak is not for you. Also, the launching gestures take some getting used to. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and costs $1.49 – a reasonable price tag considering what it offers.

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