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Vestigo: Access WiFi Switch, Network, And Information From Any Screen [Jailbreak]

How often do you access your WiFi switch or need to view network information on your iPhone? If it’s often enough for it to be annoying to switch to the Settings app each time then Vestigo is a tweak that can help. It is available in the ModMyi and Insanelyi repositories and can make the WiFi switch, networks in your vicinity, any network information available on any screen with a simple Activator gesture. The tweak opens a pop-up, overlaid on whichever app you’re currently using, that lets you scan for other networks, turn WiFi on/off, and view signal strength among other things.


To set up Vestigo, you have to select an Activator action for it. There is nothing else to set up after that and you can open the WiFi settings right after that. The pop-up that opens shows if the WiFi switch is on or off, and you can flip its state. It’s the same switch you see in the WiFi preference in the Settings app. All nearby networks are also listed and those with a strong signal are accompanied by a smiley face icon. You can tap a network to connect to it. Vestigo will let you join a new network as well, i.e. you can enter the password to a new network you’re trying to connect to from the pop-up. To view information for a network, tap the information button next to it.

Vestigo Vestigo wifi


If you tap the Scan button at the top left of the pop-up, your device will run a fresh scan for WiFi networks in your area. Alternatively, you can pull down and release to start a scan.

WiFi network information can be viewed when you tap the information icon next to a network. Among other things, you can view the MAC address, encryption model, whether the network is hidden or not, SSID, channel, and more.

Vestigo scanning Vestigo wifi info


A fair warning with this tweak is that it sent our test device into safe mode twice. Both times, it happened when WiFi was switched off from the Setting’s app. This happened on an iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4 with very few tweaks installed on it (meaning there is little chance that another tweak might be interfering with this one). While it did happen twice, we couldn’t replicate it after those two instances.

Also, when you attempt to connect to a WiFi network from the pop-up, and the connection fails (for reasons that have nothing to do with the tweak), you get not one, but three error messages, all the same. A minor annoyance if you need tweak but an annoyance nonetheless.

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