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View A Complete List Of All Broadcasts Live On Periscope

Periscope has become quite popular since its launch. It’s too soon to say whether or not it’s going to feature great content but we have seen some really impressive fridges in the past few days so it does have potential. The app is still in its early days and Twitter didn’t go crazy trying to incorporate every single feature imaginable so there’s still plenty missing from the Periscope app. The live broadcasts is one thing that needs improvement and there isn’t a search feature just yet. On Periscope is a service that lists all broadcasts that are live or that have ended on Periscope. You can’t view a broadcast in your browser so this web app is best accessed on your mobile browser.

Open On Periscope in your mobile browser, you can use Chrome, or Safari or whatever other browsers are available for iOS. Scroll through the list of live broadcasts and tap on ‘Open in iOS’ to view one that interests you. At the end of the list of live broadcasts are all broadcasts that have ended.

On_periscope periscope_app

The service has its flaws though; it doesn’t refresh and reload new broadcasts very fast. There is usually a fifteen minute delay before it gets a new list. Additionally, and because On Periscope is best used in your mobile browser, it lacks a pull to refresh mechanism. You have to use the old fashion refresh button on your browser to get the latest feeds.

On Periscope redirects to the app on your iOS device and if you access a feed on your desktop, it prompts you to download the app by redirecting you to the app’s home page.

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