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View App Store Links In An Overlaid Screen Right Within iOS Apps

Some might say that iOS’ ability to take you straight to the App Store whenever you tap an app’s link within a browser is an intelligent feature, but a lot of users are sure to disagree. Of course, most users click an app’s link with the intention of downloading it, in which case the feature is pretty useful, but there are times when you merely want to find out the name of the app your friend has sent you in an email/SMS, or just read up on some of its details. QuickStore is a new Cydia tweak that makes sure jailbreak users get the best of both worlds in this regard. It doesn’t disable the links; however, you won’t be taken to the App Store either when you click them. With this tweak, it becomes possible to view any App Store page within an app or browser on your iPhone. You can even initiate a download from the popup window with a single tap before returning to the previous app.

QuickStore iOS Settings QuickStore iOS Loading QuickStore iOS Popup

You can start using QuickStore immediately after its installation, since the tweak does not have a SpringBoard icon, and its Settings menu has nothing more than the ‘Enable’ toggle, which happens to be ‘On’ by default.

To see the tweak in action, launch any browser, mail app or even the Notes app if you have an App Store link saved there. When the link is tapped, a ‘Loading’ HUD appears, which remains on the screen just for a few seconds. After this, the App Store page of the desired app shows up. You might think that the page is actually being displayed within the App Store, but take a look at the top of the screen and you are sure to notice a slight gap between the pop up window and the status bar. In the background, the app from where you opened the link stays open, and you can return to it whenever you want simply by hitting the ‘Cancel’ button located in the top-left corner.

The pages displayed by QuickStore within its pop up window are completely functional. You can switch between the ‘Details’, ‘Reviews’ and ‘Related’ tabs, and even install (or update) the app from within the popup. Admittedly, there is rarely any need to click App Store links from an iPhone, but QuickStore is the kind of tweak that doesn’t bother users with its presence too much. You might forget all about it after installation but with the passage of time, it might start coming in handy every once in a while.

Such pop-ups are usually associated with Android apps, so it is refreshing to see an iOS tweak implementing it in such a simplistic manner. QuickStore is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. It works only with devices running on iOS 6 and later, as you might have guessed from the look of the pop up window in the screenshot above.

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