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View & Kill Running Apps From iPhone Home Screen With AppSwiper

For a long time, developers over at the Cydia store have been looking for ways to improve the App Switcher tray and task management in iOS. Some take the approach of automatically uncluttering the RAM at regular intervals, while others add the App Switcher to unlikely areas of the OS such as the Notification Center. All such tweaks are useful in their own right, but the approach taken by AppSwiper is refreshingly different, and lets you keep an eye on memory usage without being too obtrusive. With this tweak, apps that are currently running in the background are distinguished from others right on the SpringBoard. AppSwiper lights up the name of all active apps, and even lets you kill any app you want with a single swipe on the Home screen.

AppSwiper iOS Settings AppSwiper iOS Active AppSwiper iOS Kill

AppSwiper adds a menu to the stock Settings app, and all its aspects can be configured from there. For visual changes,  you can select the color of the highlighting bar that shows up behind the app label. There are some decent options available in the said section but if you want more variety, try setting a different opacity level for your favorite color. For best results, make sure the selected color doesn’t blend into the wallpaper currently set on the Home screen.

Now head to the SpringBoard, and run any app. You are sure to notice that the app’s icon label lights up with the chosen color, indicating that it is currently running in the background. If you want to kill it, simply swipe the icon upwards. Before an app is removed from the RAM though, AppSwiper shows a confirmation dialog displaying the total amount of memory currently being used by the app in question. To confirm your choice, hit the ‘Kill’ button, and the label light will go out. It is also possible to circumvent the whole confirmation process by switching off the ‘Confirmation Alert’ option from the tweak’s settings.

Unfortunately, this swipe gesture only works with apps that are on the Home screen, and is ineffective for apps inside folders. Also, the folder light never turns on, even when all the apps inside it are active. Apart from these minor issues, AppSwiper is a great tweak. You can get your hands on it by spending 99 cents, or for free if you have already purchased a tweak named Auto App Killer. AppSwiper works with all iDevices running iOS 6 or above.

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