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View Memory, Battery & Other iPhone System Info With Core Monitor

The iPhone, especially the newer variants, are quite good at handling resources and optimizing battery usage for longer life. That said, these resources, even if handled well, are limited. While there are a lot of system resource monitoring apps available for desktop computers, and even Android phones, there aren’t a lot of these on the iOS platform. Core Monitor is an system monitor for non-jailbroken iOS devices that will let you keep close watch on almost all aspects of your device’s working. The app offers usage stats for memory, battery life, disk, processes and many other system operations running under the hood. Core Monitor does not let you change anything about these tasks, but just by being able to view this information, you can learn a lot about how you can use your iPhone more sensibly.

Core Monitor iOS Memory Core Monitor iOS Battery Core Monitor iOS Disk

Core Monitor is neatly divided into five sections, each displaying different kinds of usage stats.

  • Memory: The two tiles at the top of the screen in this section show your device’s physical memory and remaining RAM. In case you are looking for a more detailed knowledge of the processes that are eating up all the space, take a look at the System RAM Information table. It shows the memory consumption of wired, inactive, active and system tasks in a color-coded meter.
  • Battery: If your device is currently being charged, the Battery menu shows the estimated time in which the charging will complete. The table below it lists the estimated battery life for particular tasks, like listening to songs, using Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Disk: To get an overview of the storage space in your device, visit the Disk menu. You can read these stats from the Settings app as well, but Core Monitor provides you with a much more detailed view of things.

Core Monitor iOS Process Core Monitor iOS System

  • Processes: Jailbroken users can view the processes running on their iPhone or iPad using SBSettings, but Core Monitor offers an even more detailed view of process, and without the need for jailbreak. You will be shown the total percentage of CPU Load, along with priority and PID of each running task.
  • System: This section is almost the exact replica of the About screen in the stock Settings app, but there are a few subtle changes that can provide you with some additional information.

Keeping the aforementioned features in mind, it would be safe to say that Core Monitor might just be one of the most comprehensive system monitoring solutions available for iOS devices without jailbreak, and it is absolutely free.

Download Core Monitor For iOS

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