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Vinson Is A White-Label Mobile TV App For iOS With VOD & Live Channels

There are many iOS apps that are popular mainly for their interface, like Any.DO and Clear. On the other hand, some apps are based on a very good concept, but lack any finesse in their looks. Vinson is a new release on the App Store that might not be the most practical app around, but it deserves a lot of acclaim just for its interface and concept. Vinson is a white label mobile TV solution aimed at iPhone and iPad users, letting them stream live TV channels and on-demand videos in a neat UI. The app comes with a touch of social media integration, allowing you to share your favorite moments of any TV show with your friends. To cap it all off, you can jump to any point in time in a Video, thanks to the app’s amazingly detailed navigation options.

Vinson iPad

Vinson starts with a few basic instructions when you launch it for the first time, but the app isn’t too complicated and no one should have much difficulty in mastering its usage. On the iPad, simply swipe to the right of the screen and select the channel of your choice. For now there are only a few trailers and Creative Commons videos in Vinson, but since the main idea is to popularize the app’s concept, this can only be expected for now. In addition to browsing through channel and program lists, users can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find particular shows.

The show that is being broadcast live on a channel begins streaming automatically when you select a channel, but thanks to the channel guide, it is possible to jump to past programs as well. To read about a show, or its current episode, tap the small arrow icon next to its name. This can help users decide the videos they want to stream.

Vinson iOS VOD Vinson iOS Settings

Apart from live TV channels, Vinson also offers ‘Video On Demand’. Swipe to the left of the screen to see a list of all available videos. From the settings menu, it is possible to enable AirPlay and HDMI mirroring. There is also an option to choose the ‘TV Overscan’ percentage.

Vinson iOS Options Vinson iOS Twitter

Last but certainly not the least, we come to Vinson’s integrated video player. Thanks to the bottom bar, you can quickly switch to an upcoming or past spot in the clip. The available options let you share a particular part of the video with your Twitter and Facebook networks. Tap the location icon to look for people near you if you want to share your opinion regarding the show with them.

All the videos we checked out in Vinson had subtitles in some foreign languages, and we couldn’t find a way to turn these off. Having said that, one has to make some allowances for a new app that offers such a unique concept, specially considering the fact that it is a white label solution, with the potential of going really big whenever a popular TV channel notices it. You can grab this free, universal app by heading to the link provided below.

Download Vinson For iOS

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