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Vintique For iPhone & iPad Provides Customizable Photo Filters And Unique Sharing Options

Due to the extraordinary number of apps in the App Store, users no longer question whether an app is offering something new. All everyone needs these days are apps that do what they are designed for in a streamlined and efficient manner while offering a different way of dong things. Vintique is one such iOS photo editor. It doesn’t promise anything completely unique, but it is a delight to use. For one thing, Vintique offers an impressive collection of photo filters (with a  special focus on vignette effects). In addition to that, most of the filters are highly customizable. To top it all off, Vintique comes with a powerful sharing menu, complete with option to export to Instagram, and share over Facebook or Twitter.

Vintique iOS Home Vintique iOS Dimensions

There are a lot of in-app purchases available in Vintique, but most people won’t feel the need for buying filters since the free ones prove to be sufficient. To get a better grip on the app, you can select and edit any of the images present in the Sample area. Before you load any photos, however, it is better to choose the resolution of images from the top-left corner of the screen. You have three resolutions to choose from, namely normal, high and full. Once you have configured the resolution, import a photo from the camera roll, or capture a new one using the camera option.

Past that, the app takes you to its comprehensive Move and Scale screen. Vintique does not rely on the stock scaling screen. You can customize the grid, rotate the image, align it or use the Fine Tool button to tweak it manually. When you are done, hit Use.

Vintique iOS Vignette Vintique iOS Edit

Now comes the time to actually edit the photo. Before you apply any of the gorgeous filters to the image, it is better if you start with the vignette button. There are about 20 vignette effects that offer variations in color and texture. For most effects you can manually set an intensity as well.

For basic image adjustments, such as saturation, hue, exposure, gamma value and tint, hit the second button from left at the bottom of the screen. Most of these settings are controlled via simple sliders, keeping the app pleasantly uncomplicated. Apart from that, you have close to 50 frames to choose from.

Vintique iOS Effects Vintique iOS Filters

The fx menu has quite a lot on offer, too. For some of the filters, you will see an edit button appear in the top-right corner, which lets you change certain aspects of these effects via simple toggles. For instance, you can toggle off noise in a given filter, or add some extra tint to the it. This makes image styling extremely flexible, and is perhaps the best feature of the app.

When you are done editing, it’s time to make use of the app’s unique sharing menu. Apart from allowing you to save the photo to the camera roll or post it to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it allows you to preview the image in each service’s own image viewer before publishing.

The app is universal, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

Download Vintique For iOS

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