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Vinyet Offers Camera Roll Uploads, Filters & More Editing Features For Vine & Instagram Videos

Vine and Instagram Video may share a similar conceptual foundation: both have drastically reduced video length limits (6 and 15 seconds, respectively), and both force you to stick to sharing videos in a square (1:1) aspect ratio. Instagram Video may indeed be more feature-heavy because it comes with video filters and more flexible sharing options, but with the app we’re about to discuss, not only can you boost these features for Instagram, but also enjoy them on Vine. Yes, video filters and a whole lot more for Vine. Read on past the jump.

Vinyet for Vine & Instagram Video

I’d like to get this out of the way first: Vinyet is really thoughtfully designed. First and foremost: it is easy to use as the recording, editing and sharing workflow is similar to Vine and Instagram Video. Secondly, but still equally importantly: Vinyet is gorgeous. I genuinely like its graceful combination of dark pink and dark grey, and use of simple but immediately recognizable icons. It’s an excellent example of how to do iOS 7 design right without being alienatingly minimal.

Of course, the app would be useless if it didn’t perform its main function well. Vinyet takes the ghosting, lock focus and grid features of Vine, and adds adds almost two dozen ‘cinematic’ filters, an undo segment feature, an option that makes recording stop-motion videos easier, the ability to turn off your mic for those dramaically silent video segments, and turn on your flashlight.

Capturing & editing

Since I review apps at night from my darkly-lit man cave, I wasn’t able to play around with the filters, but it is safe to assume that there is something here for everyone: from the person who wants filters similar to but not exactly like Instagram Video, to the person who just wants their video to look plain wacky. The ability to set the app to record a video snippet of a specified length after a specified delay (looping or otherwise) is going to be highly useful for people like our own Sameed who likes to share short stop-motion videos. The rest – enabling mic/flashlight and importing videos from Camera Roll – are welcome niceties, especially the latter, since Vine still lacks this option.

I tested Vinyet on an iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.3, and faced no issues with it. I am not an active Vine content creator, but as a regular consumer of Vine videos, I understand that the features included in Vinyet will go a long way in making and sharing Vines as well as videos on Instagram easier for anyone who is a regular content creator.

Vinyet sharing options

I thoroughly recommend anyone who shares videos on Vine and Instagram to buy this app. It’s worth the $1.99 the developers are asking for.

Install Vinyet from App Store

What do you think of Vinyet? Is it ‘over-kill’ for something that is supposed to be simple? Are Vine and Instagram Video’s own basic set of editing tools enough for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. For some reason i have all the information and sign in information correct and ill upload it, and it will say vine uploaded then crash and say “failed to upload, try again” i downloaded it last night and thats my only problem

  2. I am addicted to this app already, 24 hours after downloading it. It is super easy to use and the filters are gorgeous—like great sunglasses, the world looks better, your friends look cooler. I’ve also tried Cameo but that seems way too complicated and frankly the videos are too long—with Vinyet you can keep it short and sweet, but still do some nice jump cuts, get rid of your mistakes, and save/share it on multiple platforms.

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