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Volume+ Adds Music Controls & More To The Volume HUD [Jailbreak]

Music, sound, and volume profiles; we’ve covered tweaks for all of them ranging from those that let you manage the volume for all media channels, Activator gestures for the Music app, and even things like putting selective apps in silent mode. A lot of tweaks exist in popular repositories that let you manage sound either of your device or media playing on your device. Volume+ is the newest addition to this category of tweaks. It enriches the volume HUD and lets you see which song is playing, access the Music app, switch to the Messages app to send a new message, and access the camera.


Volume+ has no additional settings and if you don’t like it, you have to uninstall it. There is no enable/disable switch to speak of. To see the tweak in action play music and then use the volume controls to bring up the volume HUD. Instead of the usual speaker icon with dots to indicate volume level, you get more or less the same music controls you see in the Control Centre. You can see which song is playing, skip to the next or previous one, manage volume, and jump to any position in the song. A small cross button at the top right lets you dismiss the HUD.

Just below all these controls is a little tab which, when swiped down reveals three additional options. One for switching to the Music app, one for accessing the compose new message screen, and one for launching the camera app.

volumeplus small volumeplus

Volume+  is context aware, to some extent i.e. it doesn’t bring up the HUD when you’re in the Music app. The tweak is strictly tied to the media volume channel so if no music is playing and you use the volume up/down keys you will see the default HUD that controls the ringer volume (or in-call volume if you’re in the middle of a call).

The one shortcoming this tweak has is that it overrides the volume HUD’s default functionality to dismiss itself after a brief period of inactivity. The HUD now has to be dismissed manually and I personally don’t like it. I suppose this is where it would have been helpful to have a settings panel. Additionally, when you bring up the HUD using the volume buttons, the volume does indeed go up or down depending on which button you used. This means you must alter the volume of the media currently playing in order to use this tweak. It may, of course, just be used to make the volume HUD more meaningful and not necessarily a faster way to access music controls since you already have Control Centre to do that for you.

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