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VolumeCustomize: Personalize The Volume HUD’s Color & Transparency On iPhone [Cydia]

Cydia store is all about customization, and no matter which part of iOS you are talking about, the jailbreak store is sure to offer something related to it. There are a lot of themes and cosmetic tweaks in the Cydia store, but there are some areas of an iPhone that are just taken for granted, and people never think about changing their appearance. One such item is the volume HUD in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The translucent square is a seemingly unchangeable aspect of iOS, but a new Cydia tweak attempts to modify all that. VolumeCustomize lets you change the color and opacity of the volume HUD, and not only that; you can even choose a custom image to use as the background for the volume indicator!

HUD iOS VolumeCustomize VolumeCustomize iOS HUD

VolumeCustomize doesn’t change anything about your iDevice automatically, and everything has to be configured via the tweak’s menu in the stock Settings app. First of all, you will have to enable VolumeCustomize from the topmost toggle in the menu. Once done, choose the mode of the HUD’s appearance. There are three modes in VolumeCustomize, and we will discuss them one-by-one.

  • Color Mode: If you just want to change the color of your device’s volume display, choose this mode. Once selected, you can choose a predefined color from the Choose Color menu, or it is possible to define a custom color of your own by tweaking with the RGB sliders provided in the same section of the option list.
  • Gradient Mode: VolumeCustomize lets you apply any color in a vertical or horizontal grid. The orientation of the gradient has to be chosen via the two big buttons provided at the end of the menu.
  • Picture Mode: This mode allows users to set any image as the background for the volume HUD. To use it, you will have to employ iFile, and place the desired image file at the following location
    Once the file has been placed there, just exit iFile and respring your device.

In all of the three modes mentioned above, you can also set any opacity level for the HUD, as there is a separate slider for that.

VolumeCustomize lets you personalize an area of iOS that is generally never paid much attention, and the tweak is free as well. If you are interested, look for VolumeCustomize in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. Oh, and did we mention that the tweak is Retina-optimized?

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