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WallMaster Brings Wallpaper Randomization & New Backgrounds To iPhone

Although it is possible to have thousands of wallpapers saved in the Camera Roll of your iPhone, iOS does not allow its users to innovate too much and there are no options for adding some extra spice to the Springboard of your iDevice. One of the biggest reasons people jailbreak their iPhone or iPad is to gain access to all the themes and interface-related tweaks available in the Cydia store. While themes are popular among jailbreak users, a lot of people don’t want to change the complete look of their device. That is where tweaks like WallMaster can be of use. WallMaster comes with a nice array of options related to wallpapers on iDevices. You can use the tweak to automatically change Springboard backgrounds continuously, while there are some pretty decent wallpapers available in WallMaster itself (including one that changes colors after every second, making your iPhone’s Springboard appear animated).

WallMaster Cydia WallMaster Settings

Everything about WallMaster can be controlled or customized via the tweak’s menu in the Settings app. The options present in the WallMaster can only be used one-by-one, and you will have to respring your device after choosing any setting. Here is a list of all the features offered by WallMaster.

  • Random Device Wallpaper: The tweak will automatically shuffle through the system wallpapers available in iOS.
  • Random 10 Camera Roll Images: Turning on this option in WallMaster will choose any 10 images from your iPhone’s camera roll, and you will see them changing on the Springboard at regular intervals. The wallpapers selected by WallMaster are only from among 640×960 images.
  • Notification Center Wallpaper: Lets you use the NC background as your Springboard wallpaper.
  • iOS Setup Wallpaper: The greyish background that is visible when you are configuring a new iOS device can be chosen for normal use via this setting.
  • Color Wallpapers: This section of the WallMaster settings lets you set a solid color as your wallpaper. The end result is not as drab as you might imagine.
  • Relax Wallpaper: This is the seemingly animated wallpaper we mentioned earlier. In reality, the Relax Wallpaper mode just cycles through all the wallpapers offered by the tweak in the Color Wallpapers menu. The Relax Wallpaper looks so good that the tweak would have merited a download even if it did not have any other options.

WallMaster is a free tweak, and while it does not bring any revolutionary changes to your iPhone, it provides some pretty good customization options. WallMaster works with iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 5 or higher.

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