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View Real-Time Weather Info On Any Stock iOS App’s Icon

We have seen iOS weather apps that change color with changes in temperature, and then there is Sun – a web app designed for iPhone that has an icon capable of displaying the current temperature in your area. All these apps are great, but most iOS users don’t like turning to third-party solutions if the stock apps are good enough. A testament to this fact is that a lot of people stopped looking for weather apps as soon the evad3rs released a fix for the Weather app crashing issue. The stock Weather app looks pretty good, specially in iOS 6 but ever since updating, I have been missing WeatherIcon – the tweak that brings the Weather app’s icon to life, and also lets you view the current weather stats on the iPhone status bar. Almost all major tweaks have gained iOS 6 compatibility during the course of the past few months and thankfully, WeatherIcon 6 brings the much sought-after weather tweak to the latest iOS firmware version as well.

WeatherIcon 6 iOS Settings WeatherIcon 6 App

Although most people use WeatherIcon with the stock Weather app, the tweak is capable of working for any app you want. In fact the app doesn’t even have to be related to weather, and WeatherIcon will work with it. You might not find the customization options of WeatherIcon 6 at first, since they are located in a slightly unusual place. Head to the Notifications section of the Settings app, and tap ‘Weather Widget’ from the list of apps available there. Usually there is just a toggle here that lets users get weather information in NC, but WeatherIcon 6 adds a few extra options to the mix. You can choose the app with which you want to use the live icon (the Weather app is selected by default).

The ‘Status Bar’ section has two options: ‘Show Weather’ and ‘Show Temperature’. For now, toggling any of these options won’t do any good because according to the developer, WeatherIcon relies on ‘libstatusbar’ to display data and graphics at the top of your screen, and that package is in need of an iOS 6 update at present. Don’t get too worried though, since the said update is expected to arrive pretty soon.

Some might deem it just a novelty tweak, but for a lot of users, WeatherIcon has always been among top favorites. So if you want to be always aware of your area’s weather condition without opening an app, give WeatherIcon 6 a shot. As always, the tweak is available for free, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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