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Get A More Info-Laden Weather Widget In iPhone Notification Center

Much has been written and said about how useful jailbreaking iOS devices is, and even a bug in evasi0n is now turning out to be a blessing in disguise. Prior to the iOS 6 jailbreak, the stock Weather app was rarely discussed, since it always got the job done without exactly being brilliant. As soon as evasi0n caused the crashing issues for Weather, a flurry of tweaks and apps belonging to this genre started appearing all over the place. Recently, Yahoo! released a weather app of its own, heating up the competitive air even further. Having said that, it’s not like there weren’t any good weather apps around for iOS prior to evasi0n. Weather Underground is a pretty good example of an excellent weather app for iPhone, but it has a shortcoming that puts it at a disadvantage when pitted against the stock Weather app. No third-party app in iOS can have a NC widget of its own, which means that you have no choice but to launch the app if you want to see what the current temperature and other conditions are. Not anymore! WeatherUnderground For Notification Center might only be a third-party widget, but it has all the information you are ever likely to want in the NC.

WeatherUnderground iOS Settings WeatherUnderground iOS Units

You have to sign up for a new API key on Weather Underground in order to use the widget. According to the developer of WeatherUnderground, this measure is supposed to help keep the add-on free. The key can be generated by signing up for a free account on the Weather Underground website. Just make sure you choose the ‘Anvil’ package and the ‘Developer’ option.

Once you have the key, download the widget from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The key has to be entered in the add-on’s menu, which is located inside the ‘Notifications’ section of the Settings app. It is possible to use the WeatherUnderground add-on alongside the stock weather widget, but there’s no real reason for that.

The WeatherUnderground configuration menu has options for letting users choose the units for the different information entities displayed. You can also enter a custom location by finding its code name from the Weather Underground website. By default, the widget finds your current location and shows weather details for it.

WeatherUnderground iOS Distance WeatherUnderground iOS Trend WeatherUnderground iOS Current

WeatherUnderground has four views in it, and you can switch between them by simply swiping across the widget. The extreme left section shows the time since the data was last refreshed. There is a refresh button here as well for manually updating weather information. A rather interesting piece of information that WeatherUnderground displays is your distance from the nearest weather station, which can be helpful in determining the accuracy of the data.

The second view shows hourly forecast, along with a graphical representation of the temperature’s trend. The high and low temperatures are also shown on the same screen. Apart from all this extra information, the widget’s UI is pretty decent as well. The main screen has the current temperature, humidity level, wind speed and a visual representation of the sky outside. The forecast summary of the next four days is presented at the rightmost screen of WeatherUnderground.

WeatherUnderground is a free and open-source widget. In our opinion, the extra effort of generating an API key is totally worthwhile, and a lot of people might find the add-on good enough to replace the stock weather widget on iOS.

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