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WebDisk Provides The Easiest Way To Share Files Between iPhone & Desktop

There are more ways of sharing files between computers and iOS devices than anyone would care to know. You can use the official method and stick with iTunes, or if you want something that isn’t likely to wipe your entire music library without warning, there are plenty of third-party apps available for iPhone that let users transfer files without creating a lot of fuss. WebDisk is one such app, and it can be used to share files between iOS devices and your desktop computer over Wi-Fi. So, what’s really special about WebDisk when there are other apps capable of performing the same feat? The biggest advantage WebDisk has over its competitors is its simplicity. In a couple of steps, you can transfer any file from your PC to an iPhone or iPad. In addition to that, WebDisk has a pretty decent file viewer of its own, which supports a lot of file formats and ensures that you don’t have to open most received files in other apps just to view their content.

WebDisk Desktop

Using WebDisk is so simple that there isn’t even a tutorial at the start of the app (a practice that has become the norm for iOS apps). When you launch it for the first time, there is just the app’s settings screen with a few words of instructions. Before doing anything else, just make sure your iDevice and computer are both on the same Wi-Fi network. If you want the file transfer to be secure, it is possible to define a password for the connection. Anyone wishing to access your device or share files with you will have to enter the password you choose. To access WebDisk from your PC or Mac, just open the desktop computer’s web browser and enter the address provided to you by WebDisk on its Settings page. If you configured a password, it will have to be entered in the login field on the web browser before the connection can be established. Once your iPhone and computer are connected, you can start sending files to the iDevice. To do that, hit the Choose File button in the web interface and select the file you want to share. After that, click Upload and the file will appear on your phone regardless of its format.

WebDisk iOS WebDisk iOS Viewer WebDisk iOS Open With

WebDisk is not all about receiving files, and you can send images from your iPhone or iPad to your computer as well. That can be done by hitting the small button located in the top-right corner of the Files section of the app. You can even add a description for each photo, and images can be chosen from the device’s camera roll or shot straight from the camera accessible from within the app. The file viewer in WebDisk supports Office docs, images, audio files, PDFs, CSV files and iWork documents. You can also receive other files on WebDisk, but you will need to open them with iFile or some other third-party app.

WebDisk is available as a free, universal app and we can safely say that there is no other iOS app that offers this level of convenience when it comes to file sharing.

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