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Find What Pokèmon Type Is Best For A Gym Battle In Pokèmon Go

We wrote a brief guide on fighting Pokèmon battles in Pokèmon Go. One of the essential requirements to win a battle is knowing which Pokèmon to pit against your opponent. If you’re just getting into Pokèmon and aren’t familiar with the different types, their battle stats, or their special moves the learning curve for you is going to be rather flat. There are quite a few tools available to help new players learn the ropes and help them find shortcuts. Battle Helper for Pokemon Go is an iOS app that will help you will find the right Pokèmon to pit against an opponent. It offers a simple UI that lets you select which Pokèmon you’re competing against and then find which one to pit against it.

Launch the app and in the ‘Attack’ column on the left, scroll through the Pokèmon list and select which one you’re up against in a battle. Next, in the ‘Defend’ column on the right, scroll through the list and select the one you want to pit against it. Every time it tells you that a Pokèmon in the ‘Defend’ list is ‘not very effective’ it means the one you’ve selected will not have any tactical advantage over the other. A good match is when the Pokèmon in the ‘Attack’ list is ‘Not very effective against the one you’ve selected in the ‘Defend’ list and the one you’ve selected in the ‘Defend’ list is ‘Super Effective’ against the on in the ‘Attack’ list.

Battle Helper for Pokemon Go -Battle Helper for Pokemon Go-settings

The app will not take CP into account. What it does is that it tells you which type of Pokèmon is suited for battle against the other. Pokèmon Go tells you what type of Pokèmon you have but it doesn’t tell you what type you’re up against. It also doesn’t tell you which Pokèmon your one can battle against with tactical advantage i.e. Fire type is effective against Grass type is not the kind of information you can get from Pokèmon Go.

Battle Helper for Pokemon Go saves you a lot of Googling for information on Pokèmon. Types matter a lot when it comes to battle as we’ve stated in our guide. Often, the type will be a deciding factor for winning a battle. Pokèmon that are not suitable against a certain type, for example grass on grass isn’t a good idea, can loose battles even if they have a higher CP/HP than that of your opponent.

The app lets you customize the background color to match that of your Team from its settings. You can also select how the Pokèmon are sorted in the Attack/Defend lists. The biggest problem with this app is that it doesn’t have an Android version. Other than that, it’s awesome.

Install Battle Helper for Pokemon Go From The App Store

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