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wiggle For iPhone Stitches Two Photos Of A Scene To Make It Seem 3D

Very recently, we covered an app named TypoPic for iOS, which distinguishes itself among a plethora of typography tools owing to the fact that it can easily give a three-dimensional touch to the text overlaid with any photo. While iPhone photo editors are improving on almost daily basis, 3D effects are something that we rarely see even now. Autodesk’s Homestyler is among the very few iOS apps that offer 3D renditions of images. wiggle isn’t as comprehensive as Autodesk’s offering, and isn’t meant to be used for performing serious tasks, but the app can still provide you with hours of fun and some pretty decent end results. With wiggle, you just have to snap two photos, and watch as the app stitches them together as an animation, giving the whole thing a distinctly three-dimensional look.

wiggle iOS Feed wiggle iOS Capture wiggle iOS Overlay

A bit disappointingly, if you want to use wiggle, there is no way other than associating your Facebook account with the app. and the developer will do well to add more login options in the future. The main wiggle screen displays posts that are trending on the service. The animations are in full swing automatically, and you don’t have to play them one by one. Since all animations in wiggle have just two frames, their sizes are not too large. The options offered with each post include like, comments and sharing. When it comes to sharing, wiggles can be posted via Facebook, Twitter and email. There is also the option to get a physical copy of the image in the form of a postcard, thanks to the app’s Sincerely integration.

So, how exactly does wiggle create animations? Launch the app’s camera by hitting the icon available in the top-right corner. Hold the device still, and bring the target scene in the middle of the overlaid cross. Now hit the green camera icon to capture this first frame. The next step is to move the device slightly to the right, and then readjust it so that the shadow of the previous frame is exactly on top of the main subject in the viewfinder. These two images are then stitched together and processed by wiggle to create an animation that looks somewhat 3D. You can then share these posts with others on wiggle, or to your social network.

wiggle is a free app optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can be fun to use as a novelty app. Give it a go by heading to the link below.

Install wiggle from App Store

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