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Wisdom Is A Word Processor For iOS With Indexing & Dropbox Support

Having a slew of features is something that many iOS apps boast of but when it comes to text editors, too many bells and whistles can make the app excessively complicated, thus decreasing its efficiency and utility. After all, if you wanted to have a comprehensive word processor, you will probably prefer working on your computer; the whole point of editing and creating documents on an iPhone or iPad is to quickly do it on the go in an interface that doesn’t get into your way. Wisdom truly adheres to this wise philosophy of keeping things simple. It has a neat-looking interface, and there are some really useful keyboard shortcuts. To keep your documents available to you at all times, Wisdom supports Dropbox syncing. Furthermore, you can quickly navigate to any paragraph in the document with a single tap from a special menu.

Wisdom iOS Files Wisdom iOS Keyboard Wisdom iOS Info

Wisdom comes with a few example documents that double as tutorials. To get started, hit the ‘Files’ button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Files can be sorted based on their time of creation or file name. You can also organize documents into folders using the button located in the bottom bar. If you are a Dropbox user and want to import some documents from there, tap the entry marked ‘Add Dropbox Account’. Once you are done configuring, text files can be imported to Wisdom with ease. To create a new document, hit the ‘+’ icon.

While typing in Wisdom, you will notice an extra row of buttons at the top of the keyboard. These options are what make this app so special. Here is what each of the special keys is capable of.

  • The indentation key has two indent modes and also displays the ‘tab’ key if you press and hold on it.
  • To redo or undo a change, hit the second special key.
  • You can choose the heading style and bullet format.
  • Punctuation marks can be added by holding the ‘.’ button. The two keys next to it hold special characters.
  • You don’t have to rely on standard finger scrolling alone to navigate to a particular area of the file; there are arrow keys in the Wisdom keyboard for that too.

Wisdom iOS Read Wisdom iOS Indexing Wisdom iOS Format

To view the word or character count of a document, hit the info icon next to its title. The list of all available paragraphs in a file is shown when you tap the arrow-hash key while reading. You don’t have to do anything while creating a document to create this indexing, as Wisdom automatically lists all new paragraphs separately.

It is possible to change the app’s interface and formatting preferences if you are not satisfied with the default view. The formatting menu includes options for selecting font style, size and any of the four available themes. From the Wisdom settings menu, you can enable shortcuts for italicizing the text or adding headings to the document.

Wisdom is a universal app available at the App Store for free for a limited time. Grab it if you are looking for a word processor that is better than the stock Notes app but isn’t overly complicated.

Download Wisdom For iOS

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