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Yahoo! For iPhone Redesigned, Adds Summly-Like Summarized Stories

Yahoo! is rolling out new iOS apps and big updates pretty regularly these days. Just last week, we saw the beautiful Weather app from Yahoo!, and now the company’s eponymous app has been revamped as well. It is not a huge surprise though that Yahoo! for iOS has been updated with support for short summaries of all the posted stories. Just a few weeks back, Yahoo! acquired Summly – an iPhone app that intelligently summarized news stories and had a great UI. As we said in our Summly review, the app offered a very unique concept, and coupled novelty with usefulness. Yahoo! removed Summly from the App Store after its acquisition, but the app has made a comeback of sorts in the form of a feature in the Yahoo! app. You can now switch to a summary view of the stories pretty easily, and the overall user experience has been enhanced as well.

Yahoo! iOS Menu Yahoo! iOS Summly Yahoo! iOS Article

For people who choose to link their Yahoo! account with the app, the stories shown by the app become more personalized with the passage of time. The ‘Topic Preferences’ menu lets you define your interests so that the app displays stories that suit your taste. If you were happy with the way things were before Yahoo!’s latest update, it is possible to stay away from the summary view, as you have to manually switch to it by toggling on the ‘Visual’ option available in the app’s menu. Once in visual mode, only one story is displayed at a time, with the main image associated with it displayed in the background. A brief summary of the article is overlaid on the image. Hit the ‘Read more’ or arrow icons to view the full details of the story in the old-fashioned way. Swipe vertically to read the next or previous article.

Yahoo! iOS Web Search Yahoo! iOS Image Search Yahoo! iOS Video Search

Apart from the visual mode and intelligent summaries, the ‘Web Search’ section of the app has been overhauled as well. You can quickly search for any keyword, and switch between image, web and video results simply by navigating between the three tabs. Image search results are shown in a grid-like format, while the video results are in an endless stream.

Yahoo!’s latest update has only been released for iOS so far, and the Android version of the app hasn’t changed at all since November. The Yahoo! app is available for free in the App Store and is optimized for both iPhone and iPod touch devices. It’s a must have if you were a fan of Summly but even if you’ve never heard of that app, you are sure to enjoy the new visual mode of Yahoo!.

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