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YellingMom For iPhone Nags You To Finish Tasks With Repeated Reminders

The stock Reminders app in iOS is enough if you merely want a slight nudge to accomplish tasks, but if there are some chores that aren’t too urgent, you might end up repeatedly putting them off. There are certain apps designed to avoid exactly this kind of situation, the perfect example being Nag for Mac. On an iPhone, you can let an app display badges to signify your pending tasks, and then there’s the option of pinning your reminders list to the lock screen, but YellingMom might be the most effective solution from the lot. This app lets you create reminders that generate alerts repeatedly every few hours. There is plenty more on offer as well, including task organization in lists, gesture control and easy sorting of reminders based on their priority level.

YellingMom iOS Menu YellingMom iOS Home YellingMom iOS Settings

YellingMom comes with a few instructions to help you get started, and the example tasks available on the main page hold usage tips as well. Like most apps released in the post-Clear era, YellingMom is heavily reliant upon gestures. To create a new task, swipe downwards from the top of the screen. Existing tasks can be marked as done by swiping across them to the right. If you continue swiping, editing options for the reminder show up. Provided your device is not in silent mode, actions in YellingMom are accompanied by sound effects, which can be toggled from the app’s settings. The same menu houses options for enabling Evernote sync, changing sorting criteria and hiding the list bar that shows up at the top of the main page.

To create a list in YellingMom, head to the app’s menu. You can create as many lists as you want. The tasks saved inside separate lists are completely independent of each other. You can switch between lists via the main menu, or by using the top bar if you have kept it toggled on in settings.

YellingMom iOS Reminder Create YellingMom iOS Time YellingMom iOS Reminder

To make a task nag you, choose the ‘Every Hour’ or ‘Every 3hrs’ option when creating it. To ensure that you hear the alert going off, YellingMom comes with a variety of notification sounds of its own. These can be selected by hitting the leftmost icon in the bottom row of options. For those looking to use YellingMom as an ordinary reminders app, there is the clock icon that can be used to select the exact time and date for an alert.

YellingMom is a rather simple app, and it isn’t entirely bug-free as of this writing, as we experienced a few quirks while testing it (the keyboard often fails to appear where it should). Having said that, the app is pretty neat, with a great design and some useful gestures. You can give it a go for free by heading to the link given below.

Install YellingMom from App Store

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